• Wilcox Fusion ARX160


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         From Concept to Capability, the Wilcox FUSION SYSTEM provides highly advanced, innovative upgrades to a proven legacy weapon, infusing it with state of the art technology and increasing our warfighters lethality and ability to dominate the enemy. At the leading edge in developing disruptive technology, Wilcox embraces a “Systems Approach to Combat Operations” and is sharply focused on understanding our customer’s concepts and the associated capability development required to enable those concepts.
    Our methodology develops and leverages advanced sensors and rapid routing of real time actionable information, all critically focused to reinforce the warfighter’s situational awareness and provide resources to  generate effective fires and maneuver, all informed to maintain tempo.

         Advanced electro-optics and sensors within the FUSION SYSTEM enable rapid target acquisition and facilitate engagement via our Bluetooth networked interface. Operations interaction provides an immediate alert to the Blueforce Tactical (BTAC) Mobile Command Center noting activity in real time with exact location alignment, target parameters, maintenance, triage, facial recognition and overwatch. These activities work together to develop and operationalize the Sensor to Shooter Concept, enabling true “network centric operations” and providing greater customer awareness, support and lethality at all levels of operation – from the Command level out to the tactical edge.

    • FUSION Reflex Sighting system
    • NIR (Near-Infrared) Fixed Illuminator
    • NIR (Near-Infrared) LASER
    • Ballistic Trajectory Switch
    • Elevation/Windage Adjustment
    • Reflex/LASER/Illuminator Brightness Control
    • OLED display w/Shot Counter
    • FUSION Mode Selector Switch
    • SureFire® White/NIR Dual Spectrum Light
    • Remote Light/LASER Activation Switch
    • Protective Grip inserts for heat mitigation
    • Battery Management Power Supply System
    • Optional Flip Mount Kit for NVG/Thermal Devices
    • Optional 3X Magnifier and Flip Mount

    FUSION  ARX160


         The Wilcox FUSION ARX160™, is a lightweight fully integrated fire control system that manages the power and maintenance of the rifle it is mounted to. A uniquely designed dual battery system features a primary and reserve battery compartment. The FUSION SYSTEM is a high power laser aiming device that features a fully integrated environmentally stable optical bench. An on-board sensor monitors the total amounts of rounds fired from the rifle like an odometer in a vehicle.

    Integrated within the Blueforce® Tactical (BTAC) technology suite and mobile Command Post Network, the FUSION ARX160's holistic maintenance approach provides command level clarity, keeping weapon systems at optimal force readiness.

    BTAC (BlueforceTACTICAL) is an extensible situational awareness mobile application that enables the rapid formation of mobile teams and fuses sensor data of attached or proximate sensors to provide real-time location and sensor sharing… providing teams the information they need in the palm of their hands. BTAC obliterates traditional IoT and AI information stovepipes by fusing real-time human and sensor data across multiple incident modalities, collapsing the distance from sensor-to-decision maker-to-responder, and accelerating recognitional support by widening the decision-makers aperture to greater numbers and types of sensor inputs. BTAC is secure, field-proven, and enables operators to extend their capabilities, share information horizontally, and swarm faster than their adversaries by communicating with devices that they carry and those installed at fixed locations, mounted on manned and unmanned systems, or worn on the body.

    BTAC Technical Datasheet


         The Wilcox FUSION ARX160™ Rifle System for the Beretta ARX160 is a lightweight fully integrated fire control system that manages the power and maintenance of the rifle it is mounted to and features a fully integrated environmentally stable optical bench. A uniquely designed dual battery system features a primary and reserve battery compartment.

    As a class 3B high power LASER aiming device, the FUSION ARX160 is designed specifically for the Military and Law Enforcement markets. An on-board sensor monitors the total count of rounds fired from the rifle like an odometer in a vehicle. This data connected through the depot’s BTAC Armorer’s application assures the users rifle is always maintained and ready for service. The Fusion System differentiates itself from any other fire control system on the market by allowing an operator to fire different ammunition types from the same weapon by simply flipping a trajectory switch. Wilcox has set the standards for optical performance in beam clarity and uniformity, aiding in increasing the warfighter’s lethality and situational awareness.


    ■ FUSION ARX160 integrates a reflex sight, RED Visible aiming LASER, Infrared (IR) aiming LASER, a fixed IR illuminator, and backup iron sight all co‑aligned on one optical bench
    ■ One single precision adjuster for each plane (windage and elevation) delivers repeatable accuracy when engaging any target.
    ■ Trajectory switch adjusts POA/POI for two preset firing solutions without re-zeroing the weapon. Finite adjustments accommodate the drop differential between ammunition types. Stores and switched on the fly.
    ■ The mid position dimmer switch allows for the intensity to be adjusted on the fly by the operator of the white and NIR flash light, reflex site, visible and NIR laser, and NIR Illuminator from 0-300 lumens (white) and 0-120mW (IR) based on tactical illumination needs.
    ■ All power points are sealed to keep out water and other elements when not being used.

    Resource Documents

    FUSION Product Brochure

    BTAC Technical Datasheet

    Operational Sustainment Technical Datasheet

    FUSION ARX160 Technical Datasheet