• MRS Micro Reflex Sight Steiner 8700

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    The new 1X Holographic MRS Micro Reflex Sight lets operators engage targets with both eyes open, for wider peripheral vision, greater situational awareness, and faster response—critical when engaging moving targets. The 3 MOA Red Dot is easy to find and quick to aim, ensures either-hand shooting accuracy, and won’t obscure targets at longer distances.  At only 70 grams, the low-profile MRS is well-balanced on any shooting platform, giving shooters the quickness, confidence, and accuracy to control the outcome.

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    Smaller, lighter and more compact than most Red Dot sights, the New Steiner MRS is extremely strong and durable with a housing to protect the optics in all weather conditions. Due to the small size and weight, the MRS can be mounted direct to virtually any weapon or added to higher magnification sights with a Picatinny Style Rail. This enables CQB operations and woks perfectly with Steiners ICS (Intelligent Combat Sight) and Prism Sights.

    Because the Eye Relief is unlimited, the MRS can be used on handguns, rifles, shotguns, and anything with a Picatinny Rail...even crossbows & paintball guns. Low magnification provides an extremely large Field of View, which is Parallax Free from 10 to 150 yards. A special reflective coating is sandwiched between two highly polished lenses (which protects the narrow reflective surface from scratches and abrasions) and is designed to reflect the Red Colored Aiming Dot perfectly for your eye to see. The outside surfaces of the lenses are fully coated as well. The reliable MRS is then 100^ sealed against water and fully water pressure proofed.

    Product Features: 

    1X MAGNIFICATION - for both eyes open capability and better situational awareness

    ACCURATE SHOOTING WITH EITHER HAND - regardless of eye dominance

    HOLOGRAPHIC 3 MOA RED DOT - provides a clear aiming point in any light condition.

    FULLY ADJUSTABLE - for windage and elevation with 1 MOA click adjustment.

    CHOICE OF AUTOMATIC BRIGHTNESS CONTROL - or 3 manual levels for day/night operation.

    45 MOA ELEVATION ADJUSTMENT - in both directions.

    BATTLE READY, HARD-ANODIZED-FINISH - is nearly indestructible.

    WATERPROOF AND SHOCKPROOF - and submersible to 10 meters.

    INTEGRATED SCREW MOUNT - attaches to any Weaver or Picatinny Rail.

    ONE CR1632 BATTERY - powers 550 hours of operation.

    AUTO-OFF FUNCTION - turns off after 8 hours to preserve battery life.


    The MRS operates with one commercially available CR1632 Lithium Battery. To insert or replace the battery, unscrew the battery cover of the MRS (no special tools are required). Make sure that the positive (+) pole of the battery is facing up...or facing out [Negative side (-) towards the unit]. Replace the battery cap, but do not over-tighten. Keeping the battery contact surfaces clean will ensure reliable operation. As with ANY battery operated device, remove the battery for long term storage to reduce corrosion caused by battery leakage.

    Ambient Conditions - The MRS is water-resistant to 33' (10m) submersion and will withstand rain or snow. However, after exposure to salty or dirty water, it is advisable to rinse with distilled water and carefully dry the sight with air or lint (scratch) free cloth, as with any quality optical equipment.

    Picatinny / Weaver Mount

    To install the MRS on a Picatinny or Weaver Style Rail, loosen the clamp nut on the right side of the mount by turning it counter-clockwise. Place the mount on the rail with the screw in the desired slot. Check to be sure all the clamping edges are engaged and the safety thread (retention strap) of the battery cap is not clamped. Keep a little pressure on the sight (towards the muzzle) while tightening the clamping nut clockwise. Tighten to approximately 20" pounds.

    Elevation and Windage Adjustment - There are separate adjustment screws for the Elevation and Windage.  The Elevation adjustment screw is located on the top of the sight, and the Windage screw is located on the right side of the unit.

    Zeroing the Point-of-Impact - Adjust the point-of-impact by using a screwdriver. The direction of the shift of the point-of-impact is indicated on the Elevation and Windage adjustment screws. One scale division on either adjustment screw corresponds to 1 minute of angle (MOA), or approximately 1" (inch) at 100 yards. For other distances, this value is proportional. Parallax is at 40m.

    Power Modes - The power button is located on the left side of the sight. For greater versatility to accommodate any light condition, there are 4 settings that can be used to adjust the brightness on the Red Dot each time the button is pushed. These include:

    #1 Automatic Adjustment – A light sensor automatically senses the surrounding light conditions and adjusts the brightness so that it is not overpowering in low light, yet visible in bright daylight.

    #2 Highest Brightness Setting

    #3 Medium Brightness Setting

    #4 Lowest Brightness Setting

    To turn the power off, simply press the power button once more to completely shut off the electrical circuit and save your battery.

    Integrated Control Electronics - The integrated control circuit adjusts the brightness of the aiming dot according to surrounding light levels. The brightness sensor on the front of the sight senses the light level in the direction of the target and modifies the intensity of the dot accordingly so that it is not overpowering in low light while remaining highly visible in bright daylight. Be sure not to obstruct the sensor. Clean if necessary.

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