• Steiner 9020 DBAL-PL Pistol LASER/Light Combo

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    (9020 Discontinued) and Out of Stock See 9021 for an alternate Pistol LASER

    DBAL-PL (Pistol Light) Black Housing w/Class IIIa Red Pointer (<5mW), Class I [Eye Safe] IR Pointer (<0.7mW), IR LED Illuminator (600mW), White LED Light (400 Lumen)

    The DBAL-PL enables operators to engage targets on the battlefield or during close quarter combat in both light and no light conditions. The DBAL-Pl functions in two operational modes: The visible switch activates the visible laser and 400 lumen white light LED; while the IR switch pairs a Class 1 IR laser with an eye-safe IR LED illuminator for supplemental illumination. New temperature insensitive green laser technology provides better visibility and greater stability over a wide-range of temperatures.

    Images shown below with product attached. (Suggested use, handgun not included)

    Laser Devices Inc introduced a laser/light combination unit called the DBAL-PL (Dual Beam Aiming Laser Pistol Light). Now under new management, the Burris/Steiner DBAL-PL is designed to mount on the accessory rail of a pistol. It combines a 400-lumen white light with a Red IR LASER.


    * Two operation modes
            * Visible mode: White light & Visible (Red) LASER combined
            * IR mode: IR laser & IR illuminator combined
    * Co-aligned visible & IR LASER's
    * Recoil-resistant white light LED technology
    * Fully adjustable mounting interface allows for use on standard pistol rails or M1913 rail systems
    * Quick release battery cap facilitates on the fly battery changes without removal from the weapon
    * Meets MIL-STD-810G environmental testing
    * Waterproof to ≥5 meters
    * Manufactured in the U.S.A.
    * Weight 5.4 oz.

         The DBAL-PL is Burris/Steiner newest civilian legal product—available for everyone to purchase. This rugged, compact device makes your pistol an equal to the carbine in aiming and lighting capabilities and allows the pistol to be a usable tool in conjunction with night vision devices.

         The DBAL-PL features two operational modes—

    Visible mode: 400 lumen white light and choice of 5mW Red (9020) or Green (9021) 

    LASER; IR mode: Class 1 Eye-Safe IR Laser with 600mW IR LED Illuminator.

    Additional features include co-aligned visible and IR aiming lasers with fully adjustable windage and elevation. The DBAL-PL mounts to standard pistol rails or M1913 rail systems using a fully adjustable mounting interface for retention on any rail and a quick release battery compartment allows for battery changes on the fly while mounted.

    Manufacturer:    Steiner       

    Dimensions:    3.46”(L) x 1.63”(W) x 1.32”(H)

    Weight:    5.4 oz. (w/ Battery)

    Housing:    Aircraft Aluminum 6061T-6

    Finish:    Hard Anodized

    Power:    Two (2) CR123A Batteries 

    Battery Life:    1.75 Hours

    Waterproof:    5 meters

    Warranty:    3 Years

    Infrared Laser Pointer Spec

    IR Laser Class:    Class 1 (Eye Safe)

    IR Laser Output:    0.7 mW / <0.2mW

    IR Laser Divergence:    <0.8 mRad

    IR Laser Wavelength: 850 nm

    IR Laser Range: 250m / 5m (Night / Day)

    Visible Laser Spec

    Visible Laser Class: IIIa Red (9020) or Green (9021)

    Visible Laser Output: <5mW / 1mW

    Visible Laser Divergence: <0.8 mRad

    Visible Laser Wavelength:  635 nm (Red), 515-525 nm (Green)

    Visible Laser Range:   
    250m / 5m (Night / Day – Red),
    750m / 15m (Night / Day – Green)

    IR Illuminator Specs    Class 1 (Eye Safe)

    IR Illuminator Output:    <600 mW

    IR Illuminator Divergence:    18° 

    IR Illuminator Wavelength:    850 nm 

    IR Illuminator Range:    100 m 

    White Light Spec

    Output:    400 Lumens 

    Includes:    DBAL-PL Module, Operator’s Manual, Batteries