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902215IR, KNVIR-14,5855-01-587-4822, Pegasus 2, Infrared, Signaling, Beacon, 9 Volt, Programmable, SOS

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NSN: 5855-01-587-4822

Pegasus 2

*                  Fixed Flash Rate

*                  Common 9V Battery operation

*                  3 Selectable Flash Patterns

*                  3rd Channel is User Programmable

*                  Covert Marker for use with Night Vision

*                  240˚ x 360˚coverage

*                  Available in Red, Green, or Infrared

*                  Weighs only 28 grams (1oz)

    The Pegasus2 (NSN: 5855-01-587-4822) is a programmable infrared signaling beacon designed for use during low light operations. Engineered as an enhancement of the Phoenix series of infrared beacons, the Pegasus series incorporates several encoding options within each Pegasus beacon.

The Pegasus2 has three user-selectable six second flash patterns; the first code pattern is a fixed flash rate code identical to the Phoenix Jr. (NSN: 5855-01-438-4588), the second code pattern is a International Morse Code signal (S - O - S) and the third is installed as needed by the user in the field.

     The operator programs a user defined flash pattern via two programming pins. Miniature indicator lights within the device will flash the pattern as it is being recorded by the user to confirm the code being stored. The operator can easily switch between each of the encoded flash pattern via the programming pins.

     All codes are stored in a nonvolatile memory allowing the battery to be removed from the beacon without erasing any of the entered codes. During operation, the user can reactivate the miniature indicator lights at anytime allowing the operator to visually confirm the broadcast code in situations where their own night vision equipment has become lost or damaged.

The Pegasus2 P/N: 902215IR is an extremely rugged and low-cost marker beacon. It is used in conjunction with Night Vision Goggles (NVG's) and other Night Vision Devices (NVD's), at night, as a covert position marker. Like the Phoenix Jr., the Pegasus 2  was designed as a combat identification marker to minimize fratricide (the inadvertent killing of friendly forces, by friendly forces), and has been widely fielded by American and coalition forces for combat identification.

     The beacon has many uses in combat and other covert operations for marking personnel, vehicles, safe pathways, or locations. It incorporates a flash rate that was specified to prevent confusion with small arms-fire. Use the Pegasus 2 to identify friendly force positions, demarcation lines or perimeters.

Weight: 1 Ounce | 28 Grams
Size: 1.24” x 0.9” x 0.574" | 31mm x 22.5mm x 14.6mm
Flash Repeat Cycle: 1.3 Seconds (Fixed), SOS, and User Defined
Flash Duration: 20 Milliseconds (Fixed), Used Defined Program
Code Memories: 3 - Phoenix Jr. (902111), International Morse Code Signal S-O-S, and User Defined
Power Source: Common 9-Volt or (VAPS) Vehicle Auxiliary Power Supply (902611)
Configuration: 3 Light Emitting Diodes (LED), 880nm
Coverage: 240 degrees x 360 degrees

Operating Depth: The Poseidon - Phoenix / Pegasus Mounting Clip (902801) provides a water tight casing for the beacon and battery assembly. If immersed without the Poseidon case, the unit will continue to operate until the contacts fail due to water and electrolytic corrosion. Given these conditions the depth limitation is solely determined by the battery’s ability to withstand depth.

Light Output Frequency and Ordering Information:
902215IR:  Infrared - 880 nm
902215R: Visible Red - 640 nm (For Unit Training or Visible Applications)
902215G: Visible NV Green - 565nm  (For Unit Training or Visible Applications)
Alternate frequencies available on request

9-Volt 9-Volt Battery
902611 Vehicle Auxiliary Power Supply
902801 Poseidon Mounting Clip for Phoenix/Pegasus Series beacons

The Pegasus/Phoenix Jr. beacons are the world standard for covert signaling and identification of Military, Law Enforcement, SWAT and Homeland Security Agencies.

These Beacons are proudly manufactured in the USA Cejay Engineering


Infrared Beacons and all Infrared products are ITAR Controlled and cannot be exported without written authorization from the US State Department