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    An affordable Weapon Sight designed specifically for Military, Homeland Security, Police and Security Professionals. Built to the same legendary rugged standards as other ELCAN® weapon sighting systems, the SpecterOS Combat Optical Sight is a shock and water-resistant sight that will withstand the forces generated by repeated recoil.

    The SpecterOS3.0 family of 3X Optical Combat Rifle Sights is also marketed as ATOS3.0 in certain markets. Designed as a lighter and more compact replacement for the 3.4x series of rifle sights, the SpecterOS features internal zeroing adjustment (in the optical assembly, rather than in the mount assembly) and models are supplied with a Picatinny "Flat Top" Mount.

       All ATOS3.0 sights feature rubber bumpers as well as the proprietary RAF Rapid Aiming Feature Ballistic Reticle that provides ideal accommodation for both long range and CQB applications. Reticles are illuminated with a battery-powered LED and may be user adjusted through a broad range of visible and Night Vision compatible settings.

         The 'B' series features 'Marksman' Elevation and Windage adjustments calibrated for popular NATO 5.56 military cartridges. Please be sure to ask for the optional Anti-Reflection Device (ARD) or Killflash.

    The SpecterOS 3.0 is a lightweight and rugged 3x Optical Sight designed for modern military and security applications. Incorporating an illuminated reticle with a range finder, the SpecterOS 3.0 has the unique ability to offer rapid engagement in CQB applications while providing precise aiming at distant targets.
          A one-piece aluminum housing coupled with shock-absorbing rubber bumpers enable the sight to withstand the severe stresses of modern combat operations. Supplied with either a Ballistically Calibrated Reticle or External Elevation & Windage adjustments, and may be mounted directly to flat-top receivers.

    Once sighted-in to a particular weapon, the sight may be interchanged with other ELCAN® optical and electro-optical sights zeroed for the same weapon in a matter of seconds and without noticeable change in point of impact.

    System Technical Specifications


    Eye Relief
    Exit Pupil   8mm
    Fixed Focus Range 
     20m to infinity (≈ 21 yards)
    Adjustment Range 
     120 Minutes of Angle
    Adj. Resolution 
     0.5 MOA (Minute of Angle)
     3.1X Nominal


     Weapon Types: 5.56
     M4, M16, MK46, M249
    Ballistic Calibration
     200 to 600m for 5.56 NATO (in reticle)
    Model A2 
     5.56 NATO (in Reticle)
    Model B2 
     100m-600m external adjustment for 5.56 or 7.62
     Dual-Thickness crosshair w/RAF Rapid Aiming Feature
    Illumination Source 
     Battery Powered LED
    Illumination Settings 
     11 Visible, 3 Night Vision

    Physical Characteristics

     lbs. (415g), oz.
    Size in mm
     135mm x  65mm w/bumpers x 77mm w/bumpers
    Size in inches
     L=5.3" x W=2.56" x H=3.03"
    Internal Battery
     CR123, 3V Lithium
    Base Requirement
     MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny Rail" 
     Single wing nut w/return to zero repeatability 
    Battery Life
     3.1 Years, typical
    Exterior Finish 
     Black Anodized Aluminum
    Operating Temp
     -50°F to +120°F
     66' for 2 hours
     450 g's
     Rubber Bumpers, MIL-STD-1913 Rails, Lens Covers, ARD

    Eye relief (Cheekweld) and bore sighting remain constant

    *                  Large, low light exit pupil remains constant

    *                  High efficiency coatings for extended low light performance

    *                  Integrated lever-lock mount for optimum weight reduction

    *                  Rugged, Reliable Performance

    *                  Shock Protected Precision Optics

    *                  One Year Warranty