• Steiner DBAL-A4 LASER-Light Combo

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    This item is out of stock

     Civilian models feature: <5 mW Green or Red LASER
    <0.7 mW IR pointer / <600 mW IR Illuminator / <500 Lumen white light

    Item #9014 - Black Housing, Green LASER DISCONTINUED
    Item #9016 - Tan Housing,
    Item #9032 -
    Black Housing, Red LASER     DISCONTINUED
    Item #9033 - Tan Housing, Red LASER        DISCONTINUED

    Black (9014/9032) / Tan (9016/9033)

    Supplied with:
     * Quick-Release Mount,
     * 7" Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch
     * (1) 3-Volt 123A Lithium Battery

    Manufactured in the USA
    using the finest quality materials, with a 3 Year Warranty.


    Product Features: 

    * Fully adjustable Windage and Elevation
    * Available high and low power modes
    * Integrated push-button switch and remote cable pressure-pad switch activation – tap and release for momentary activation; tap twice for 5-minute continuous on
    * Attaches to any Picatinny rail using the patented, self-adjusting Quick Release HT Mount
    * Includes remote cable port
    * Dual Remote Activation Ports for Visible Override
    * Low battery indicator light


    The DBAL-A4, a new LASER-aiming device that takes the battle tested capability of the DBAL-A3 to a whole new level. The DBAL-A4 combines four illuminator's into one rugged, battle-ready unit that allow users to target and observe in both the visible and invisible spectrum's.

    A single operational-mode switch provides exceptional control during mission operations, and the low profile windage and elevation adjusters maintain zero in the roughest conditions. Powered by three (3) CR123 batteries, a pressure pad switch turns the aiming lasers and illuminator's on or off, while a second pad can be used to instantly transition from Infrared to Visible operations typically used during forced entry operations.


    *  Visible Green or Red Aiming LASER
    *  IR Aiming LASER
    *  IR Illuminator
    *  500 Lumen White Light


    Steiner introduces the new, multi-functional Dual Beam Aiming Laser (DBAL) from their eOptics division.

    DBAL-A4 with the latest advances in infrared (IR) and laser technology for extreme accuracy in low - and no - light environments. The DBAL-A4 provides unmatched versatility and superior operational longevity for military, law enforcement and self - defense users. Featuring a visible green light, eye-safe IR laser and IR Illuminator, the DBAL-A4 adds a bright, white light with high and low modes. The DBAL-A4 comes standard with fully adjustable windage and elevation controls, high and low power modes, remote cable port, and a low battery indicator light and will be available to civilians. The DBAL-A4 gives shooters the advantage of consistently staying on target, even without a cheek weld, and the adjustable IR illuminator provides greater sight pictures at varying target distances. The bright light brings added safety and the convenience of having an all-in-one laser light combination for low-light maneuvers. The DBAL-A4 comes with a quick-release, self-adjusting HT Mount attachable to any Picatinny rail and has dual activation via an integrated push-button switch or remote cable-pressure pad. Users can switch between momentary activation or five minute continuous on.

    Ordering Information
    Part Number 9014 or 9016 9032 or 9033
    Housing Color 9014 - Black / 9016 - Tan 9032 - Black / 9033 - Tan
    Visible LASER <5 mW Green Class IIIa <5 mW Red Class IIIa
    Visible LASER Wavelength 525nm Green 635nm Red
    IR Pointer <0.7mw Class I
    IR Illuminator <600 mW Class 3r
    Wavelength - IR LASER 830 - 835nm
    Wavelength - IR Illuminator 850nm
    Wavelength - White Light <500 Lumens White LED
    Temperature -20° C - +65° C
    Waterproof/Fogproof Submersion to 5m (16ft.)
    Battery CR123a
    Battery Life > 3 Hours (Mode Dependent)
    Weight 10.8 oz w/Battery
    Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.75" x 1.59"
    Mount Bolt-On
    Windage & Elevation Yes, Fully Adjustable
    Activation Switch Integrated Pushbutton
    Remote Switch Yes, Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch Included
    Beam Divergence:
    Visible Red or Green
    Beam Divergence:
    Beam Divergence:
    IR Illuminator
    Range/Visibility (Night/Day):
    Visible Red or Green
    750m / 15m
    Range/Visibility (Night/Day):
    > 250m
    Range/Visibility (Night/Day):
    IR Illuminator
    Waterproof/Fogproof Submersion to 5m (16ft.)
    Material Aircraft Aluminum
    Warranty 3 Years
    Special Features Dual Remote Cable Ports

    Warranty in Years: 3 Years
    Optional Accessories:

    • 9102 (Old LDI PN: FA05779-01) Exit Port Cover - IR Illuminator - Black

    • 9103 (Old LDI PN: FA06883-01) Exit Port Cover - Visible/IR Pointer - Black

    • 9105 (Old LDI PN: FA06883-03) Exit Port Cover - Visible/IR Pointer - Tan

    • 9111 (Old LDI PN: FA05805-01) CR123A Battery Cap - Black

    • 9112 (Old LDI PN: FA05805-03) CR123A Battery Cap - Tan

    • 9113 (Old LDI PN: FA06393-01) CR23A Battery Cap STRAP (For 9111) - Black

    • 9114 (Old LDI PN: FA06393-03) CR123A Battery Cap STRAP (For 9112) - Tan

    • 9120 (Old LDI PN: FA05063-7) 7" Right Angle Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch

    • 9121 (Old LDI PN: FA05219-7) 7" Straight Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch

    • 9135 (Old LDI PN: FA05233-01) Set of 5 Optical Pattern Generators, IR Pointer - Black

    • 9137 (Old LDI PN: FA05238-01) 80° Optical Diffuser - Black

    • 9138 (Old LDI PN: FA05349-01) Neutral Density Filter, Dust Cover - Black

    • 9145 (Old LDI PN: FA06146-01) Dual Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch - Black