• ELCAN ELCM145 3.4X

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         The M145C Optical Sight combines ELCAN's legendary robustness and optical brilliance with a Ballistically calibrated LED-illuminated ranging reticle. It is designed for application to Machine Guns, M4 Carbines, M16/AR15 and AR10 rifles and has been proven to withstand the rigors of modern combat.

    The ELCAN M145C has proven its effectiveness on a variety of high-powered rifles and machine guns, permitting tracer rounds and fall of shot to be clearly seen at extended ranges.


    *        Black Finish, Rubber Armored and Rugged

    *        MIL-SPEC Waterproof to 20 Meters (66 Feet) for 2 Hours

    *        Eye relief (Cheekweld) and bore sighting remain constant

    *        Large, low light exit pupil remains constant

    *        High efficiency coatings for extended low light performance

    *        Retains Zero Time-After-Time for Dependability with your Accuracy

    *        Rugged, Reliable Performance

    *        Shock Protected Precision Optics

    *        Torque Knob Mount (Included) fits any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail

    *        Military members may order optional LASER Filters

    *        LED Illuminated Reticle Center for M240/M249 Machine Guns

    *        One Year Warranty

          The ELCAN M145C 3.4x Combat Optical Sight, M240/M249 Reticle, Torque Knob Mount (ELCM145C) was developed specifically for the U.S. Army to be used as the main battle sight for their M240 and M249 machine guns.

         For Military applications the front objective can be fitted with a LASER Filter and Anti Reflection Device (ARD), also known as a "Killflash". The ARD and Lens covers are standard equipment that is included for all customers.

         The Rotary Knob on the side has 1 Off position and can be adjusted through (11) Brightness settings for the illuminated 10-1200m Ranging Reticle. Rear and front lens covers flip down for storage and transportation.

         The Torque Knob models incorporate ballistic compensation in the Reticle only. This sight can be mounted to any MIL-STD-1913 rail in seconds, and will retain zero when removed and re-attached to your weapon, time after time. This is the kind of dependability that you should come to expect from ELCAN.  

         The M145C is built to stringent specifications and is designed for extreme-duty applications where only the most rugged equipment will suffice.

    ELCM145C Reticle

    ELCM145M4 Reticle

    ELCM145C System  Technical Specifications

    Eye Relief:              
    Field of View (FOV):
      8º nominal 14.1m(146.3')@100yds
    Apparent FOV:
    LASER Protection:
     Military Production Only
    Anti-Reflection Device (ARD):
       Standard, Removable (Threaded) 
    Ballistic Compensation:
     Blended 7.62/5.56 NATO
      M240/M249 Machine Gun
    M240/M249 Machine Gun
    Calibrated Crosshair w/Range Estimation
    US Army Machine Gun Ranging Reticle, Center
    Illuminated Ballistic Calibration 300 - 1200 m
    Reticle Illumination
     LED illumination of center reticle
    11 Brightness Settings
     MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail Base Requirement
      Torque Knob (ELCM145C & ELCM145M4)
    ●  Wingnut Mount (ELCM145M4W & ELCM145M4W2)
      660g (23.3 oz) (ELCM145C & ELCM145M4)
      700g (23.7 oz) (ELCM145M4W & ELCM145M4W2)
    Size in mm:
     182(L) x 78(W) x 92(H) 
    Size in inches:
     7.165(L) x 3.071(W) x 3.622(H)
    Internal Battery
     DL 1/3 N, 3V Lithium (Included)
    Entrance Pupil Dia.
     28mm (1.102")
    Exit Pupil Diameter: 
     8.5mm (.3346")
     Dry Nitrogen Purged
    Fixed Focus Range 
     20m (21.87 yards) to ∞ (infinity)
    Adjustment Range 
     0.25 mil Detent zeroing adjustments
    Line of Sight 
     Identical to ELCAN Optical Sight ≈ M16/AR15 Iron Sight
    Battery Life
     175 hours typical
    Exterior Finish 
     Black Anodized w/Chemical Resistant Rubber Armor Casing
    Operating Temp
     -50°F to +120°F (-45°C to + 49°C)
     20 m (66') for 2 hours
     Designed to survive standardized NATO drop test