SureFire K2MS-BK Kroma

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 Kroma Milspec Dual-Output, Multi-Spectrum LED Flashlight

     The Kroma Mil-Spec LED Flashlight from SureFire (NSN: 6230-01-556-0404) is a versatile dual-output white LED light with three low-output colored and an infrared secondary lights. The primary 50 Lumen high and 3.4 Lumen low illumination comes from the white LED emitter and SureFire's Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. This lens produces a tight center cone of bright light, with a dimmer wide peripheral ring to help maintain situational awareness. The TIR lens beam is smooth without holes or hot-spots.
     Turning the Selector Ring, just behind the head, changes the color of the low-output. Change from White, to Yellow-Green, Blue, Red or Infrared. Each setting has a click-stop function to lock in the output color. The light's shroudless tactical two-stage lockout tailcap switch features momentary and constant-on modes. Press the pushbutton for low output white, colored and IR, press further for high output white light. Twist the tailcap for constant-on low output white, colored and IR. Continue to twist for constant-on high white output.
     Designed for durability, the light features an o-ring and gasket sealed weatherproof Mil-Spec anodized aluminum body with a tempered and anti-reflection coated lens window. A sturdy steel clip can be used to carry the light in a pocket, on a belt or inside a boot.

Light Performance

  • Low white: 3.4 Lumen / 25 Hours
  • High white: 50 Lumen / 1.5 Hours
  • Yellow-Green: 1.0 Lumen / 80 Hours
  • Blue: 1.0 Lumen / 80 Hours
  • Red: 1.0 Lumen / 80 Hours
  • Infrared: 7 mW 850nm
  • LED Emitters for all colors/IR  / 80 Hours
  • Total Internal Reflection lens creates a tight cone of light in the center and wide dimmer ring on the periphery
  • White LED uses the TIR lens to produce a smooth beam, without hot-spots or holes
  • Colored and IR LED's produce short flood light for reading, tasks and navigation


  • Location: Tailcap
  • Type: Two-Stage Tactical
  • Momentary and Constant-on mode
  • Shroudless tailcap for easy access to pushbutton
  • Tailcap lockout feature stops accidental activation
  • Rotating selector ring behind head sets the color output with click-stops for each
  • Press for momentary white low or colored/IR output, press further for momentary-on high white beam
  • Twist tailcap for constant-on white low or colored/IR output, keep twisting for white high output

Construction Details

  • 1.47" diameter bezel
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Mil-Spec hard anodized finish
  • Anti-reflection coated and tempered lens window
  • Weatherproof, o-ring and gasket sealed
  • Metal belt, boot, or pocket clip