UGLI Butter

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These creams are designed to melt on contact with the skin for maximum absorption.

This makes sense.

If you want a nutrient to pass through cellular walls it's best achieved in liquid molecule form. But to provide topical nutrition, you can't use long chain oily fatty acids and you can't emulsify oily molecules with water (if cells didn't limit topical absorption of water we could never go swimming) and this creates a problem.

All of our products fall into the classification of "U.G.L.I." Butter.

This acronym from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries stands for:
Unsuitable Gel Liquid Instability.


     If you want a product to be topically absorbed, it becomes "unsuitable" for traditional retail store marketing. The ability to melt on contact with the skin also means that it will melt in a warm room temperature or in the back of a delivery truck. Without waxes or emulsifications, there's no way to consistently know whether will be in its solid or liquid state.

To be topically effective, however, the product can't include waxes or emulsifiers. Cells reject large molecules unless they are cut by enzymes within the liver or coupled with other chemicals not available through topical application.

The best way to be effective is to be "UGLI" and that's why we proudly market . We'd rather share re-balance RX Topical Nutritives that work at the highest possible level than something that possibly sells easier but fails to produce results.

Ultimate Healing Cream - re balance RX Topical Nutritives provides proven topical nourishment allowing the body to heal by giving damaged and injured joints and muscles exactly what's needed precisely where needed.
There are two products in the
re-balance RX Topical Nutritive's line:

  • Ultimate Healing Cream; and
  • Total Foot Repair.

Total Foot Repair

Give your body what it needs to feel great again. Made to get into the thickest skin (including the soles of feet, scar tissue, psoriasis, eczema, etc.), synthetic and wax free Total Foot Repair aids the body by giving damaged skin and under skin tissue exactly what's needed.

If we were to go barefoot on a daily basis, we'd quickly notice the tissue on the soles of our feet thicken. Our skin is our first line of defense, but when it begins to crack and scale, when under skin areas calcify and harden (as with neuralgia and plantar fasciitis), when legs and feet feel chronically sore and tired, it's a sign that our body is being overworked and is unable to maintain a healthy balance. While Big Pharma offers chemical laced pain killers and watery moisturizers, our alternative is different. Total Foot Repair supplies the nutrients that are missing.

Naturulz Total Foot Repair, rather than pharmaceuticals, is the common sense approach to living with pain free legs and feet. We've had so many people tell us such wonderful things. Try Naturulz and you'll agree.

    Each focuses on reducing pain and potentially restoring health to problem areas by properly feeding the body's cells at the problem site. The primary difference between the two products is that Total Foot Repair is used to penetrate the thick skin on soles of feet (also callused hands, eczema, etc.), while Ultimate Healing Cream carries more nutritional value to deep areas such as joint and back pain.

The two products can be used together and in some cases this may, in fact, produce somewhat quicker results.

     But what is not in re balance RX Topical Nutritives' is every bit as important as what is missing. This is a no wax topical application formula that uses no artificial or synthetic fillers. It's a true topical nutritive, liquefying on contact with the skin for maximum absorption

  • Eases painful arthritic symptoms
  • Rebalances lipids to fight chronic pain
  • Reduces sore joints and muscle aches
  • Perfect for deep tissue back and shoulder pain
  • Restructures tissue after injuries, tears & strains
  • Improves circulation to warm cold hands and feet,
  • Removes keratin calcification and wax buildup
  • Increases strength and cellular energy levels
  • Helps with flexibility and mobility to ease pain

Ingredients for Rebalance Ultimate Healing Cream

CONTAINS: Cocos nucifera, Capsicum (Capsaicin), Arnica Montana Extract, Camellia Sinensis, Aspalathus Linearis, Daucus Carota Sativa, Calendula Officinalis, Urtica Dioica, Mentha Piperita


Daucas Carota Sativa: (Carrot) Cultivated carrot.

Capsaicin: (Cayenne) Component derived from capsicum, the source of hotness in cayenne and red peppers, used topically to relieve minor arthritis and nerve pain.

Cocos Nucifera: (Cocoa Butter) Coconut oil is a natural source of fatty acids of short and medium length.

Camellia Sinensis: (Green Tea) Tropical evergreen shrub or small tree cultivated in China, Japan and India as source of tea leaves.

Arnica Montana Extract: (Leopards Bane) Herb found throughout most of Europe and Western Asia. Orange- yellow daisy like flower heads that when dried are used as a stimulant and to treat bruises and swelling.

Mentha Piperita: (Peppermint) Herb with downy leaves and small flowers that yields pungent oil.

Calendula Officinalis: (Pot Marigold) Common European marigold.

Aspalathus Linearis: (Rooibos or red tea) South African shrub having flat leaves and yellow flowers; leaves are aromatic when dried and used to make herbal tea.

Urtica Dioica: (Stinging Nettles) Perennial Eurasian nettle.

The best possible treatment for chronic pain, arthritic joints and muscles, tears and strains.

Rebalance RX Ultimate Healing Cream provides proven topical nourishment allowing the body to start the healing process by giving damaged and injured joints and muscle exactly what’s needed precisely where it’s needed.

This no wax application formula uses no artificial or synthetic fillers, designed to liquefy at warm room temperature and on contact with skin for maximum absorption.

A perfect addition to your massage. Talk to your massage therapist to see if they are carrying this Ultimate Healing Cream. If not, they should be. It is all natural and contains medium chain oil fatty acids. It is recognized by the body, unlike pain pills and topical analgesics. It nourishes and rebalances lipids, decreases keratin calcification and wax build up, improves circulation, brings blood cells to area, improves strength and cellular energy levels, and renews and increases both flexibility and mobility to ease pain. Painful symptoms ease and the body is filled with what is needs to begin long term healing. A 4oz Jar will last approximately 1 month. The cream should be applied right to the site of pain 2 – 4 times daily.

When something works --- it's natural to want to share it.

That's what happened to us and it's been evidenced by the many conversations we've had with others:

"My poor Mom, I'd love to help her with her foot pain,... "

The great thing about re-balance RX Topical Nutritives is that we readily see clear evidence in the visible reduction of physical and painful symptoms. As long term damaged tissue heals and pain dissipates, it feels as if we can't possibly share enough.

Of course, when we look at our aging population,... the increase in obesity,... the chronic health issues,... the pain that people live with everyday,... a whole world of sharing possibilities opens up.

re-balance RX Topical Nutritives simply work, removing waste matter and old tissue from our cells through increased circulation and replacing that matter with energy giving lipids. This rebalancing process is something we can all experience and the layman, the nurse, the physician, and the scientist can each see the results and can all agree upon the benefits.

Pain eases. Damaged tissue repairs. Calcified deposits break up and lipids rebalance. Nothing works better or does more to allow the body to heal itself.

Provides proven topical nourishment allowing the body to heal by giving damaged and injured joints and muscles exactly what's needed precisely where needed.

This topical application formula uses no artificial or synthetic fillers and is designed as a topical nutritive, liquefying at warm room temperature and on contact with the skin for maximum absorption. As nutrients rush to the cell, painful symptoms almost instantly ease and the body is filled with what it needs to begin long-term and dramatic healing.

Total Foot Repair - re-balance RX Topical Nutritives

CONTAINS: Cocos nucifera, Capsaicin, Arnica Montana Extract, Zinziber Officinale, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Camellia Sinensis, Aspalathus Linearis, Daucus Carota Sativa, Urtica Dioica, Mentha Piperita

Total Foot Repair promotes improved circulation and provides topical nourishment. Sore feet feel better, cracked and painful skin improves its appearance and tissue rebuilds health as lipids rebalance.

This no wax topical application formula uses no artificial or synthetic fillers and is designed as a topical nutritive, liquefying at warm room temperature and on contact with the skin for maximum absorption.

  • complete repair of cracked, painful heels
  • eases deep joint arthritic symptoms
  • rebalances lipids to fight chronic pain
  • reduces sore joints and muscle aches
  • goes to the core of plantar fasciitis inflammation
  • improves circulation to warm cold feet, removes keratin calcification and wax buildup, increases strength and cellular energy levels, and helps with flexibility and mobility to ease pain

The Science Behind Naturalz re-balance RX Topical Nutritives

If we were to rub garlic onto the soles of our feet, within minutes we would begin to taste its familiar flavor in our mouth and smell its pungent aroma on our breath. In the proper form, the body takes in nutrition topically, just as it does through normal, oral consumption.

Since pain and visible symptoms of ill health (such as dried, cracked skin) are often feedback mechanisms indicating improper nutritional balance in the problem area, the application of re-balance RX Topical Nutritives can be a life changing event. It's as if our skin and tissue has been screaming out for food, but we've failed in recognizing the signals.

The great news is that by going to the core problem, we can restore balance right where it's needed, often producing positive results in problem areas that we've previously thought were beyond our control.

In young and healthy cells, blood circulation performs the task of bringing in nutrition and eliminating waste

Keratin, the protein that makes up our skin, hair, and nails, is constantly being replaced by this circulation as new tissue replaces old. However, problems arise from imbalances brought on by aging, improper nutrition, injury, and the application of topical pollutants which damage cellular health

Old and damaged keratin builds up, calcifying and creating a waxy like substance that makes up the brown spots on the backs of older hands, the knots of arthritic knuckles, and other problem and painful areas,... and it is this protein buildup that further limits circulation, further limiting nutrition and causing our cells to send out the painful feedback signals

By treating the area topically to increase circulation, coupled with active replacement and rebalancing of cellular lipids, we increase health processes in ways that medicines and analgesics fail to match

Give the products a try and watch how quickly your body responds to receiving the "on-the-spot" nutrition that has been lacking

The Science of Formulation - re balance RX Topical Nutritives

Mineral and petroleum based oils, alcohol and alcohol derivatives and solvents, waxes and sterols, and emulsified water-based solutions should not be placed (but for marketing reasons are almost always found) in health and beauty products.

To illustrate, rub wax onto the skin and it will remain, clogging pores, until it falls off externally. The molecular structure is simply too large to pass through cellular walls without being broken down by chemical solvents. It's not able to be absorbed. The same goes for petrolatum and other common oil ingredients. Rub a "Vapo-rub" type balm onto your chest and you may enjoy the mentholated smell, but you'll also need to wear an old t-shirt to bed to keep from staining clothing and sheets.

Still, waxes and long-chain oils are added to creams and lotions because they're great for packaging, give a nice, long-lasting shelf appearance and allow for a consistent, familiar feel, but re balance RX Topical Nutritives are designed not to look good in the jar, but to work. We do not add waxes, water, synthetic or artificial fillers. Our uncompromised position doesn't always allow our products to look best on the store shelf, but it does allow them to do the job for which each is intended.

  • human cells heavily restrict which molecules may pass through their walls. Water, for instance, is not easily absorbed topically so that we don't balloon in size every time we take a bath or step out into the rain
  • still, water, oils, waxes and solvents such as alcohol are the primary ingredients of most topical balms and cosmetics (for marketing purposes and cost considerations)
  • many drugs and medicines act on a different principle, confusing the cell and artificially stimulating it into being receptive to the drug's properties
  • our topical Nutritives work on a much simpler and much more natural process
  • re-balance RX specially chosen, highly nutritious, smaller molecules are easily accepted by the body to provide energy precisely where inflammation, pain and problems occur --- allowing the body to heal itself as only the body can

Dr. Lauren Schroeder discussing re balance RX Topical Nutritives

"I was a little resistant, at first, how could anything do so much?"

"At first, my husband used it on shoulder pain that he's had for 25 years, from an injury, and within three days it was gone. It does tend to come back, once in a while, he puts it on and it's gone again. So that has been the most relief he has had in all these years. And that was amazing to us. So we started going, hmmm,... maybe we should check this out a little more."

"I started using it on certain areas of my body and I noticed it was helpful. And then I started introducing it to my patients,... we couldn't keep it on the shelf."

"I will also say that I gave some to my sister and she started using it on a very tortuous varicose vein and she says it's almost gone. She also been using it on little areas of crusty skin called keratoses, and they're going away."

"I love it!" .
-- Dr. Lauren Schroeder --

Additional Testimonials Coming


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