• EOTech 552 Series

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    Model 552 is in use by military forces and government agencies like the DEA, ATF and FBI.  It's night vision-compatible. 

    Are you a sportsman interested in hunting with night vision?  Give the 552 another look.  The 552 is EOTech's most affordable night vision-compatible sight and it partners with most night vision-devices.  The 552 is designed to increase your speed to target even after the sun goes down.

    **Please Note: The XR308 reticle was designed specifically for the military M240 machine gun.  It should be used with .308 cal with 150 gr M59 FMJ at roughly 2,800 fps with a 24.8” barrel.
    EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight 550 series

         The Model 552 HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight (HWS) is fully compatible with all generation levels of Night Vision intensifier tubes. A special Night Vision (NV) setting allows the operator to immediately drop the brightness intensity of the holographic reticle to eliminate any "halo" effect while viewing through an image intensifier tube. The Model 552 can be positioned in tandem behind Night Vision intensifiers without any "bloom" of the target area. Now, operators can combine the proven Night Vision technological advantage with a superior close quarters weapon optic to achieve greatly enhanced weapon aiming - in complete darkness.

         Unlike active IR laser pointer systems, the HWS is a passive system and emits no muzzle-side signature. While in the NV mode, the HWS is not detectable by enemy night vision surveillance systems, providing operators with a stealth means for effective nighttime weapon aiming. All optical surfaces are flat and treated with anti-reflective coatings eliminating additional muzzle side signature due to reflective glare. No need for costly glare elimination filters that reduce the effective light transmission and further dim the target area. The projected reticle pattern is only visible to the operator.

         The Model 552's unique switch allows the operator to instantly drop the holographic reticle brightness to the NV mode of operation. The operator has the ability to toggle back and forth between the NV mode and the normal day/night operation within fractions of a second. The Model 552 has 10 distinct Night Vision settings to provide maximum flexibility to the operator. Typically 3 to 4 brightness settings are not enough to support a host of constantly changing conditions including manufacturing variances in the sensitivities of the image intensifier tubes, varying ambient environments, and varying light gathering sensitivities of the human eye across users. The Model 552 still maintains the 20 normal brightness settings for normal day/night operations.

    * The 552 Models are Night Vision compatible

    5.6” x 2” x 2.5” (143 x 51 x 64 mm)

    11.1oz (312 g)

    Water Resistant:
    Submersible to 33 ft. (10 m) depth

    1” Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail


    20 daylight settings
    10 additional settings for Gen I through III+ night vision devices

    Power Source:
    Two 1.5 V AA batteries
    Supports lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable

    Battery Life:
    Lithium: 1,000 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temp.
    AA alkaline: 600 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temp.

    Night Vision Compatibility: YES

    *This Holographic Weapon Sight must be exported from the United States in accordance with Export Administration Regulations ECCN 0A987. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited. In accordance with U.S. law (Title 15 CFR part 746 and Supplement No. 1 to Part 774; and Title 31 CFR) resale/re-export or transfer of Holographic Weapon Sight Models 552, 551, 512, 511, 4X magnifier and 3X magnifier to certain designated countries is prohibited without prior written consent of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Holographic Weapon Sight Models 553, 557 and 555 are controlled under U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and may not be exported without proper authorization by the U.S. Department of State.