Lazer Stiks, AA, Steady On

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The PowerGrip is a Steady-On only version of the Lazer Stik that can be seen over 2 Km/1.2 Miles and will provide over 50 hours of bright light using common AA batteries. This rugged waterproof light has a handle that forms a comfortable grip as well as an attachment tool. The PowerGrip may well become the replacement of choice over chemical sticks and other less durable light products.




Size: 7.625" L x 1.25" diameter base

Weight: 2.28 oz. w/ Battery; 1.44 oz. w/o Battery

(On a clear dark night)
Yellow: 0.5 miles
Red: 1.0+ miles
Green: 1.0+ miles
Blue: 0.25 miles
White: 0.25 miles

LED life: 11+ years

Battery life:
(Temp. dependent)
Steady-On: 12-20 hrs
Battery Weight: 0.54 oz ea

Battery type: AA Alkaline or Lithium Batteries

Advantages over Chemical Lights

 * Reusable time after time

 * A simple twist of the cap turns the light on and off

 * Pays for itself after the first 12 uses vs continuing costs of chemical lights

 * Operates in temperatures ranging from -20 C to +50 C

 * Waterproof up to 100 meters and even floats upright!

 * Environmentally friendly

Light Output 

 * Light can be seen up to .6 miles (1 km) in darkness 

 * Steady-on provides over 12 hours of operational light on one battery

 * Operates in temperatures ranging from -20 C to +50 C

 * Lifetime bulb (up to 100,000 hours)

 * Uses an eye safe LED


 * Height impact and scratch resistant

 * Weighs only 2.28 oz with batteries installed

 * Size: 7.625" inches in length

 * Works with Velcro strap accessories used with the Guardian Beacons

 * Fits numerous standard chemical light holders


* Twist cap clockwise until light comes on.

* To turn light off, twist cap counter-clockwise until light turns off.

* To change batteries, twist cap counter clockwise to remove cap and replace batteries.

* Screw cap back on.

* Replacement batteries available at most retailers


This product is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year.
Should the product fail for any reason other than abuse or battery expiration, return it for free repair or replacement.