• ATN BinoX HD 4x-16x DGBNBNHDX2

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    Binoculars are finally getting a 21st century update. ATN is proud to present the BinoX-HD line of smart digital binoculars with Full HD camera, combining the tried and true binocular design, with state of the art optics and computer processing. As a part of ATN's Smart-HD optics line of digital devices, these binoculars feature the Obsidian user interface for the most user friendly experience possible. Even the shape was built with the user in mind, that's why it's made as ergonomically as possible, with your feedback. These Day & Night binoculars are made to go where no other hunting or bird watching binoculars have gone before, and that's why they are made to connect and be wireless. The BinoX-HD is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled so recording and exporting your video is a piece of cake. The built in Micro-SD slot makes it even more convenient to utilize the full HD video recording, and with 4x-16x Smooth E-Zoom your video will be smoother and better than ever before. They also feature a gyroscope and an E-compass, combining three great tools into one, IP rated weather resistant easy to use package. The Binox-HD are the ultimate image stabilized hunting Binoculars.

    • WiFi
    • Gyroscope
    • Smooth Zoom
    • E-Compass
    • Day / Night
    • Velocity
    • Altitude
    • GPS Geotag
    • Record Video
    • ATN Obsidian Core Obsidian UI

        The ATN BinoX 4K 4-16x Day and Night Smart HD Binoculars will have you prepared for any situation with an arsenal of must-have features like the integrated angle compensating Laser Rangefinder and our Smart BIX technology. No more need to swing your heavy rifle around to spot your game, just connect the hunting binoculars BinoX 4K to your Smart HD scope and build a ballistic profile for a convenient, quick and effective way to range your target day or night for instant POI adjustments to your riflescope. Combined with a cutting edge Ultra HD sensor with Ultra HD optics allowing you to see a remarkable visual experience that can be captured and then shared with friends and family or on social media. An easy and intuitive interface, WiFi Dual Streaming, E-Compass, Smooth Zoom, IR illuminator, these binoculars with camera are absolutely everything you want from an optic. All of this is powered by an internal battery that will give you 15 hours of non-stop use allowing you to enjoy your hunting trip without interruption to recharge the unit.

    • Record Full HD video
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • Day/Night Mode
    • IR Illuminator
    • WiFi
    • Dual Streaming
    • Smooth Zoom
    • E-Compass
    • Ultra Low Power Consumption