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    Inverted V - Infrared Vehicle Marker

    Gov't Only: Set of 2 MUST CALL TO ORDER
    CIDV-12 (12" x 1.75"), Black NSN: 9390-01-521-3744
    CIDV-14 (14" x 2"), Black NSN: 9390-01-504-7926
    CIDV-21 (21" x 3"), Black NSN: 9390-01-521-3576
    CIDV-28 (28" x 4"), Black NSN: 9390-01-521-3746

       Simple and cost effective, Warrior GloTape markers make it easier to identify friendly vehicles at long distances. The markers display a unique, covert signature that can only be seen with laser illumination and night vision equipment. Unlike electric devices, Warrior GloTape markers never break or loose power. Effective at maximum ranges, a properly marked vehicle reduces friendly-fire incidents and increases survivability.


    Easily and permanently attaches to vehicle side

    Only visible through illuminating night vision gear

    Approved by the Joint Combat Identification Marking System

    No Power Supply Required



     Part# CIDV-12 - 12" on longest side x 1.75"

    Part# CIDV-14 - 14" on longest side x 2"

    Part# CIDV-21 - 21" on longest side x 3"

    Part# CIDV-28 - 28" on longest side x 4"

    Two complete V’s per package

    Permanent peel-and-stick adhesive backing

    Item Name


    Federal Supply Class: 9390

    Description: A flexible material, six inches (152.4 mm) or less in width, coated or impregnated with reflecting material.

    It may have an adhesive backing. For items more than six inches (152.4 mm) in width, see SHEETING, REFLECTIVE. For items with luminescent material, see TAPE, LUMINOUS.

    Durable and requires no power - yet effective at over 800 feet.

    Warrior GloTape relies on the simple principle that selected light wavelengths can be either reflected or absorbed. This simple principle, translated into Warrior GloTape, is becoming the standard equipment for the future warrior.

    The same way that coatings on modern combat fighter jets are tuned to absorb radar wavelengths, Warrior GloTape uses a specially-formulated coating to catch select visible light bands and only reflect IR wavelengths. While it is true that some visible light is reflected back from the surface, reflection in low-light conditions is considered to be almost zero. The reflected IR light amount is substantial, and coupled with military night vision IR systems creates a beacon of light which marks a friendly unit to team members.

    Reflected high-frequency light (IR) can come from ambient light, illuminated ENVIS gear, or lasers. Targeted lasers provide the greatest infrared return while viewed through Night Vision (Image Intensified or I2) equipment.

    Products made from the Warrior GloTape materials are durable and easy to care for. Much of this is owed to the technology behind the patch and construction techniques.

    3M reflective material provides the basic reflective qualities for Warrior GloTape. Familiar in construction and highway use, the 3M layer is pliant and extremely durable. A masking is applied to the surface of the 3M material, effectively turning the layer black and non reflective to all but infrared light.

    All layers, plus any design art, are permanently adhered to a hook-and-loop substrate using Warrior GloTape exclusive Fused Edge technology. Fused Edge patches and labels will not separate, tear, or fray.


    Warrior GloTape technology is extremely application flexible. Currently it is being used to protect soldiers with Patches, Armbands, and Helmet SCHIMS.

    The same protection is offered to these heavy and light vehicles in the form of side markers.

    Features and Specifications

    Will not reveal unit location to combatants - To the naked eye, Warrior GloTape looks like black duct tape, yet with NVG equipment, it provides a stealth method for teams to identify specific units.
    Limited field of IR reflection - Infrared light is only reflected back to the viewer in a 5 degree cone from center. Only those meant to identify troops or vehicles will be able to do so.
    Long-range effectiveness - When illuminated with military ENVIS equipment, Warrior GloTape markers are visible at up to 800 meters. Military teams are given enough time to identify and react to ground movement.
    Nothing to break - Warrior GloTape is not powered internally, has no light-emitting elements and needs no batteries.
    Cost effective - Troops and vehicles can be outfitted and thus protected with smaller cost per unit as compared to other identification systems.
    Long life-span - Patches and labels have a seven-year weather exposure life.
    Fused Edge™ technology - Patches do not have seams or stitching to tear or wear down.


    Exclusive distribution - Warrior GloTape products are only supplied to approved military and civil organizations.
    Full range of uses - Protects both individual troops and vehicles in combat situations.
    Added personalization - Custom unit markings can be created for approved military and civil organizations.

         Warrior GloTape is an infrared (IR) reflective material intended for the covert combat identification of troops, vehicles and equipment. It is most commonly used to prevent fratricide (the inadvertent killing of friendly forces). To the naked eye, GloTape appears to be similar to black duct tape in both texture and finish without a visible reflective glow. When illuminated with the infrared diode on standard Night Vision Goggles (NVG's), the GloTape gives a bright reflection that is clearly visible up to 70 meters away. The bright reflection from an infrared laser can be seen up to 900 meters using a 6-power night vision scope. GloTape is available in a variety of sizes and cuts to fit the individual needs of the user.