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    M2124-LR CNVD-LR

    Clip-On NV Device

    Ships with:
    * Weapon Sight w/Collimator Hood
    * CR123 Lithium Battery
    * OPMAN
    * Soft Carry Case
    * Adjustment Wrenches
    * Lens Cleaning Kit
    * Quick-Disconnect Single Throw Lever Mount

         KERIF Night Vision carries some of the best Clip On Night Vision Devices (CNVD) available anywhere. These 2 Models, the CNVD and the CNVD-LR (Long Range) from L-3 Electro-Optical Systems stand head and shoulders above the crowd when it comes to clarity, versatility, and function. Look at the latest test results listed below for your review, and learn how unbelievably far you can see at night when all the right components are used.

    The advanced design of the M2124 eliminates the typical requirement of removing a primary (day) sighting system since the CNVD-LR mounts in line with a standard day optical sight. Combining day and night vision sights eliminates the need to re-zero, since the primary sight remains undisturbed. Additional advantages to supplementing a primary sighting system with the M2124 include maintaining a user’s consistent eye relief and shooting position as well as retaining user muscle memory. By operating the locking quick-disconnect, single-throw lever mounting system provided, the M2124 easily attaches to a MIL-STD-1913 rail interface system. The unit may also be used as a hand-held observation device.

    The M2124 Generation III Clip-On Night Vision Weaponsight is one of our favorite new products in our ever growing list of "Top-of-the-Line" products, because everything about them screams performance. These sights are manufactured to the highest quality standards required from our U.S. Military, utilizing the latest proprietary technology, State of the Art manufacturing facilities, and an engineering team that worked hand in hand with our Military & Special Forces Groups to produce the absolute best SOCOM Night Vision Weaponsight that works with your existing Day Scopes.

    Fast Facts:

    * Converts existing optics to Night Vision with "Zero Shift
    * Quick-Disconnect Single Throw Lever Mount for MIL-STD-1913 Rail Systems
    * Maintains shooting position and eye relief time after time
    * L-3 Electro-Optical Systems Gen 3 Image Intensifier (I) Tube
    * Optimized for 4X - 12X Magnified Rifle Scopes

    These NVG's are built in the USA and have ergonomically designed interface controls that comprise of Manual Gain and Focus Adjustments, Low Battery Indicator and Reverse Polarity Protection, and a Single Throw Lever Quick-Disconnect Mount.

    Significant L-3 EOS design improvements will show itself the first time you use it, as the M2124 Long Range is based on the military style AN/PVS-27 extensively used by US Special Operations Forces to gain the advantage at night without sacrificing their existing Day Scopes. No more having to remove your expensive dedicated day scope, that you spent time zeroing in, just because the sun goes down. Now, you simply Clip-On this 1X (Unity) Night Vision Scope in front of your Day Scope to keep getting the ranges required by our Special Forces Groups to "Reach Out And Touch Someone".

    Export of the commodities herein described are strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the US Dept of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls, prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation ITAR, Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120-130

    Night Vision Sights are restricted to domestic U.S. sales and to U.S. Citizens only. Please be prepared to complete an ITAR Agreement when ordering.


    Vehicle Recognition Ranges  (Subject to change without notice)
    Illumination Conditions CNVD-LR
    1400 FOM
    1600 FOM

    Full Moon

    3100m 3250m 3350m

    Quarter Moon

    1800m 1900m 2000m
    Clear Starlight 800m 900m 1000m
    Overcast <25m 80m 150m
    Man Sized target Recognition Ranges  (Subject to change without notice)
    Illumination Conditions CNVD-LR
    1400 FOM
    1600 FOM

    Full Moon

    1700m 1750m 1800m

    Quarter Moon

    930m 970m 1000m
    Clear Starlight 400m 450m 500m
    Overcast <25m 60m 90m
    Facial Identification Ranges  (Subject to change without notice)
    Illumination Conditions CNVD-LR
    1400 FOM
    1600 FOM

    Full Moon

    220m 230m 245m

    Qtr. Moon

    110m 120m 130m
    Clear Starlight 50m 55m 60m
    Overcast <25m <25m <25m

    * Eliminates to need to remove a primary day scope when converting to Night Vision
    * Supplements existing primary sighting system
    * Maintains consistent eye relief and shooting position, as well as retaining user muscle memory
    * Optional AA Battery Conversion Cap
    * Manual Gain and Focus Adjustments for custom image optimization
    * Can be used with Spotting Scopes and as a Handheld Observation Device
    * Optimized for 7.62, .338 LaPua and other common "Sniper-Grade" Weapon Systems

    CNVD-LR™ Technical Specifications
    Tube Performance Parameters by Model CNVD-LR 1400 FOM
    P/N: 245105-1400
    CNVD-LR 1600 FOM
    P/N: 245105-1600
    CNVD-LR Auto-Gated P/N: 245105-S100
    Figure of Merit (FOM)
    FOM = SNR x Resolution
    1152 FOM (Min)
    1400 FOM (Max)
    1344 FOM (Min)
    1600 FOM (Max)
    1344 FOM (Min)
    No Maximum Limit
    Resolution (Line Pairs) 64 lp/mm (Min) 64 lp/mm (Min) 64 lp/mm (Min)
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 18:1 (Min) 21:1 (Min) 21:1 (Min)
    HALO (mm) .85 to 1.25 .85 to 1.25 1.0 (Max)
    Resolution (cy/mr) 3.86, 4.86 Typical 3.86, 4.86 Typical 3.86, 4.86 Typical
    Photocathode Sensitivity 2856˚K (µA/lm) 1350 (Min) 1500 (Min) 1800 (Min)
    Photocathode Sensitivity
    at 830nm (mA/W)
    135 (Min) 155 (Min) 190 (Min)
    EBI (x10-11 phot) 5.0 (Max) 5.0 (Max) 2.5 (Max)
    Luminance Gain
    @2x10-6fc (fL/fc)
    40000 - 70000 40000 - 70000 40000 - 70000
    Luminance Gain
    @2x10-4fc (fL/fc)
    10000 - 20000 10000 - 20000 10000 - 20000
    Brightness@1 and 20 fc (fl) 2.0 - 4.0 2.0 - 4.0 1.4 - 4.2
    Reliability (Hours) 10000 10000 10000
    Warranty Tube/System 1 Year / 1 Year 1 Year / 1 Year 1 Year / 1 Year
    CNVD-LR™ Physical Specifications
    Magnification: 1X (Unity)
    Field of View (FOV): 8˚ Degrees (CNVD = 13˚ Degrees)
    Focal Length 110 mm (4.3")
    Minimum Focus Distance 25 m, (27.3 yards)
    Lens Fast f/1.85 Catadioptric
    CNVD-LR™ Boresight Characteristics
    Output Optic: 28 mm, (1.1")
    Accuracy Aligned to .4 MOA or Better
    Repeatability Within .5 MOA
    Retention Permanent to 1 MOA or Better
    Adjustments None Required
    CNVD-LR™ Environmental & Mechanical Characteristics
    Power Sources: 1 CR123 Lithium Battery or (Optional AA Conversion Cap)
    Battery Type / Life: 16+ Hours at Room Temp
    Dimension: in L: 9.9 " W: 3.8" H: 3.4"
    Dimension: cm L: 25.1 cm W: 9.7cm H: 8.6 cm
    Total Weight (oz./lbs/g) 875.4g w/Battery (1.9 lbs)
    Color: Taupe
    Total Weight (oz./lbs/g) 875.4g w/Battery (1.9 lbs)
    Operating Temperature -40˚C to +51˚C (-40˚F to +124˚F)
    Storage Temperature -51˚C to +71˚C (-60˚F to +160˚F)
    Mounts: Single-Throw Lever Quick-Disconnect for Picatinny MIL-STD-1913/STANAG 2324
    Optional Accessories and Spare Parts 
    Spare Battery (CR123, AA)  
    AA Battery Conversion Cap  
    Soft Case, Carrying Commercial  
     Hard Case Shipping & Storage  
    Hex Wrench  
    Adjustment Wrench  
    Collimator Hood  
    LaRue "S.T.O.M.P." Mount  
     Lens Cleaning Kit  
    Specialty Mounts and Rails  
    Training & Operator's Manual