• Steiner CQBL-1 LASER

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    This item is out of stock

    One of the smallest and most rugged dual function lasers available, the CQBL-1 (Close Quarter Battle LASER) is compatible with virtually every Submachine gun and short barrel rifle, and packs the output power needed for use on carbine, rifle and light machine gun systems. The extremely low profile features an integral rail grabber that requires an Allen Key to install.  The lack of a Quick-Disconnect Mount allows the CQBL-1 to sit closer to the bore.  The dual laser emitters are in line with the bore, so it cannot be mounted at the 12 O’clock position on weapons with a front sight base.  If you do not run a front Back Up Iron Sight or BUIS, then you can place it at the 12 O'clock position, otherwise it must be mounted at the 3 or 9 o’clock. Its low profile, lightweight housing was originally designed for a specific high profile VIP protective unit (Secret Service), who required a submachine gun laser solution which was concealable. The CQBL-1 has since proven itself as a valuable tool for law enforcement and self-defense carbines.

    Manufactured in the USA using the finest quality materials, with a 3 Year Warranty.


    Weighing in at only 6 ounces, the light weight and low profile of the Steiner CQBL-1 enables it to be an effective visible/IR laser combination unit on carbines, rifles, submachine guns, and more. Featuring a 635nm Red Visible LASER and an 850nm Infrared Aiming LASER, it's compatibility with new advanced switching systems - the popularity and usage of the Steiner CQBL-1 has been increasing steadily since its release.
    • Visible red laser
    • Weight 6.0 oz.
    • Submersible to 5 m
    • Item No. 9030 (black)
    • Item No. 9031 (Desert Sand)
    • Co-aligned Visible & IR Aiming Lasers
    • Fully Adjustable Windage / Elevation
    • Activation / Mode Selector Switch
    • Integrated Activation Switch
    • Remote Cable Port
    • Powered By:  One CR 123A Battery
    • Integrated Picatinny Mount
    Wavelength - Visible Red Laser    635 nm
    Wavelength - IR Illuminator   850 nm LED
    Range/Visibility (Night/Day)* - Visible Red Laser   <0.8 mRad
    Range/Visibility (Night/Day)* -IR Laser   >250 m
    Temperature   -10^ C to +65^ C
    Battery   CR 123 A
    Battery Life (mode dependent)   >3 Hours
    Material   Aircraft Aluminum
    Weight (with Battery)   170 g (6.0 oz.)
    Dimensions   10.16 x 3.81 x 2.79 cm (4.0[L] x 1.5 [W] x 1.1 [H] in.)
    Waterproof   Submersible to 5 m
    Mount   Yes
    Windage and Elevation Adjustment   Yes
    Activation Switch   Integrated Push Button
    Remote Cable Pressure Pad   Yes
    Special Features   Co-aligned Visible & IR Aiming Lasers