• DBAL-D2 Steiner 9001

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    DBAL-D2, PN: 9001(Black) & 9002(Tan) DISCONTINUED LASER

    The powerful DBAL-D2 is power packed with a focus-able IR LASER illuminator, a Class 1 Eye-Safe Infrared Aiming LASER Pointer for use with Night Vision Devices, and a visible Green Ultra Power Point Aiming LASER pointer, which is five times more visible than traditional Red LASERS and the maximum allowed by law for maximum daytime visibility.


    Dual Beam Aiming LASER:

    Supplied with:
    Quick Release HT Mount, Battery, (1) 3-Volt 123A Lithium Battery, 7" Right Angle Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch (Specify cable length if different from standard)
          *  Integrated Momentary Remote Pressure Pad Switch & Activation Switch
          *  Single-Tap - Enables momentary activation
          *  Double-Tap - Instantly activates the LASER in a 5 Minute continuous "ON Mode".
          *  Built-in safety returns the unit to momentary activation after 5 minutes.
          *  The Pressure Pad provides a tactile (silent) click that indicates when the switch has been activated


      The powerful DBAL-D2 is power packed with a focusable IR LASER illuminator, a Class 1 Eyesafe Infrared Aiming LASER Pointer for use with Night Vision Devices, and a visible Green Ultra Power Point Aiming LASER pointer, which is five times more visible than traditional Red LASERS and the maximum allowed by law for maximum daytime visibility. When every second counts, the versatile DBAL-D2 is the right choice for any mission. Designed for maximum operational versatility while keeping the weight down and size to a minimum, the DBAL-D2 is Combat Ready and considered to be the most innovative and multi-functional LASER system on the market today.

    The DBAL-D2 is the commercial version of its predecessor, the DBAL-A2. The DBAL-D2 is equipped with a visible laser pointer, Class 1 IR laser pointer, and a high definition, aspherical, telescopic IR LED illuminator that outperforms all other IR illumination devices.

    The DBAL-D2 feature a new streamlined housing, improved Windage and Elevation adjusters and a single activation switch. Frequently compared to the plastic-molded AN/PEQ-15, the DBAL-D2 delivers superior operational longevity due to its all metal housing and mounting system.

    Manufactured in the USA using the finest quality materials, with a 3 Year Warranty.




      *  Rugged aerospace aluminum housing
      *  MIL-SPEC Type III Hardcoat anodized
      *  Instantly switch between LASER functions:
           Visible Pointer only - IR Pointer only - IR Illuminator only
      *  Infrared Pointer & Infrared Illuminator combined
      *  Co-Aligned Visible & IR Aiming LASER's
      *  Single adjustment mechanism for both IR & Visible LASER's
      *  Hi-Power & Lo-Power (Class I) modes of operation
      *  2° to 30° adjustable IR Illuminator
      *  Fully adjustable for Windage & Elevation for Pin-Point Accuracy
      *  Collimated IR illuminator enhances Night Vision performance
      *  Activation and Low Battery Indicator Light
      *  Meets MIL-STD-810F for adverse environmental conditions
      *  Mounts on all MIL-SPEC-1913 rails
      *  Positive On/Off Kill Switch prevents accidental activation
      *  Precision glass lens produces a virtually round laser point
      *  Waterproof to 20 Meters

    LASER Type:

    Visible Green - Class IIIa

    IR LASER - Class I LED 

    IR Illuminator - Eye Safe                                      

    Visible Green Laser - Class IIIa 532nm

    Beam Divergence: <0.8 mRAD

    High Output: <5mW

    Low Output: 1mW

    Range/Visibility (Day) 15m (16yds)  

    Range/Visibility (Night) 750m (820yds)

    Power Output:

    IR LASER Pointer <0.7mW (non LED)

    Beam Divergence: <0.8 mRAD

    Wavelength:  850nm

    Range/Visibility (Night): >250m (274 yards)

    IR Illuminator: <600mW LED

    Beam Divergence: 2° to 30°

    Wavelength:  850nm

    Range/Visibility (Night) ≤1000m (1100yds)

    850nm Low Output: <300mW: Yes

    High/Low Operation: Yes

    Includes Pressure Pad Switch: Yes

    Pushbutton Activation: Yes

    Remote Cable Activation: Yes (Pressure Pad Switch)

    Momentary On: Yes

    Constant On: Yes

    Windage/Elevation Adjustable: Yes

    Quick Detachable HT Mount: Yes

    Mounts to MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny: Yes

    (1) CR123A Battery Operation: Yes

    Battery Life: >3 Hours

    Waterproof: Submersion in Meters: 5 meters

    Weight in ounces: 8oz / Weight in grams: 227g

    Size: Length = 3.5" (91.4 mm) / Width = 2.75" (69.9 mm) / Height = 1.59" (40.4 mm)

    Aircraft Aluminum 6061-T6 w/Class III Hard Anodized Housing: Yes

    Temperature Range: 40°C(-40°F) to +65°C(149°F)

    Max Storage Temperature: 80°C (176°F)

    Warranty in Years: 3 Years
    Optional Accessories:

    • 9103 (Old LDI PN: FA06883-01) Exit Port Cover - Visible/IR Pointer - Black

    • 9105 (Old LDI PN: FA06883-03) Exit Port Cover - Visible/IR Pointer - Tan

    • 9111 (Old LDI PN: FA05805-01) CR123A Battery Cap - Black

    • 9112 (Old LDI PN: FA05805-03) CR123A Battery Cap - Tan

    • 9113 (Old LDI PN: FA06393-01) CR23A Battery Cap STRAP (For 9111) - Black

    • 9114 (Old LDI PN: FA06393-03) CR123A Battery Cap STRAP (For 9112) - Tan

    • 9120 (Old LDI PN: FA05063-7) 7" Right Angle Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch

    • 9121 (Old LDI PN: FA05219-7) 7" Straight Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch

    • 9135 (Old LDI PN: FA05233-01) Set of 5 Optical Pattern Generators, IR Pointer - Black

    • 9137 (Old LDI PN: FA05238-01) 80° Optical Diffuser - Black

    • 9138 (Old LDI PN: FA05349-01) Neutral Density Filter, Dust Cover - Black

    • 9145 (Old LDI PN: FA06146-01) Dual Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch - Black



         The DBAL-D2 is a Class IIIa laser device that features a Visible Pointer for daylight and low light operations, as well as an Infrared Pointer and Infrared Illuminator for use with Night Vision Devices. The IR beams can be operated individually or in combination, in both low power (LO PWR) and high power (HI PWR) settings.
         The DBAL-D2 emits a highly collimated beam of IR light for precise aiming of the weapon and a separate IR Illuminator for the target or target area. The IR Illuminator is equipped with an adjustable bezel to vary the size of the illumination beam based on the size and distance to the target. The Visible Pointer and the IR Pointer are co-aligned. The Visible Pointer can be used to boresight the device without the requirement of a Night Vision Device and will simultaneously boresight the IR Pointer.
         The DBAL-D2 can be used as either a handheld illuminator/pointer or it can be weapon mounted using the Throw Lever Mount. In the weapon mounted mode, it can be used to accurately direct fire as well as illuminate and identify targets.
         When the Safety Screw is installed in the rear of the DBAL-D2 housing, it prevents the operator from accessing the, HI PWR modes of operation.


        DBAL-D2 Item Description

    1) Battery Cap and Compartment

    2) Infrared Illuminator

    3) Throw Lever Mount

    4) Visible Pointer

    5) Boresight Adjusters

    6) Infrared Pointer