• M6T25 Vehicle Thermal

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    InfiRay Outdoor M6T Mobile Thermal PTZ 25mm LRF 640x480 12 Micron 25mm


    The M6 Thermal PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera system is designed to enhance scanning capabilities while on-board a vehicle and is over-built to maintain performance through years of use and exposure to the elements. Our mission is simple—to create the highest quality thermal PTZ systems available for night hunters. The M6 is packed full of useful features including video recording, gyro stabilization, and mobile app connectivity with wireless streaming. The new M6 is includes an integrated laser pointer and laser rangefinder for increased situational awareness. The M6 kit has everything you need to add thermal to any vehicle including power and signal wiring harnesses and an easy-to-use wired thumb-stick controller. In just a few minutes you can upgrade any vehicle with powerful thermal imaging technology.

    • 12μm High Resolution Thermal Detector

    • High image quality

    • Aluminum alloy housing

    • Maximum detection range 1375 Yards

    • External +12 VDC Power

    • Onboard Recording

    • High frame frequency: 50Hz

    • Multiple zero formats

    • 4X Digital Zoom

    • Built-in 64GB storage to support image capture and video recording

    • Built-in Wi-Fi module

    • InfiRay Outdoor App support

    • Integrated LASER Pointer

    Integrated LASER Rangefinder

    • Full 360 Degree Pan

    • Thumb-Actuated Joystick Control

    180 Degree Pitch Rotation

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