• Steiner 575 Marine 7x50 Binocular

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    The perfect, first pair of quality, water-going binoculars for enthusiasts who want the most performance for their money.

    • Magnification 7x
    • Weight 36.3 oz
    • Width 8.1
    • Height 5.5
    • Item no. 575

    Steiner has built a well-deserved reputation around marine binoculars, and sells thousands of pairs every year in Europe, where binoculars are legally required boating equipment. These 7x50 Marine Binoculars are a more cost-effective model, designed to get as many of the marine features as possible into a more affordable package.

    Marine Binoculars

    It’s not just wet. It’s a whole different world. Fogbound mornings, afternoons of glaring sun and salt spray, nights like floating on ink. Always in motion, temperatures all over the board, distances that challenge land-bound perceptions. Steiner marine optics were built for this: waterproof, corrosion-proof, always crystal-clear, with special coatings, construction and capabilities specifically created for a water-borne life. Enjoy.

    Product Features: 

    7x Magnification...is the marine standard, with a wide, stable image for tracking other boats, buoys and bridge numbers even in rough water.


    High Contrast Optics...provide bright, sharply contoured images with natural color definition for outstanding viewing quality suitable for both beginners and professionals.


    Floating Prism System...uses flexible silicone lens mount to absorb severe shock, impact and abuse without damage


    Sports-Auto Focus™ System...lets you focus each eyepiece to your vision once, then keeps images razor sharp from 20 yards to infinity. No more chasing focus on moving objects.


    All the individual focus models feature Sports Auto-Focus. The advantage to this feature is that - once set to your eyes - it allows you to view images from 20 yards to infinity without having to refocus for different distances. Higher power models (10x or more) will be in focus from 30-40 yards to infinity. The proper way to focus the Sports Auto-Focus is:
    • Choose an image, sign or a tree at least 100 yards away to view.
    • Cover one of the objective lenses with your hand or the objective cover.
    • Look through the binocular with both eyes open.
    • On the side not covered, turn the ocular’s Diopter setting ring until the image appears clear and sharp.
    • Uncover the lens and repeat the procedure with the opposite lens.
    • When viewing through both lenses, all images from 20 yards to infinity will be bright, clear and in focus. Higher power models (10x-20x) may require higher initial focus distance.

    Make note of your Diopter setting, as it can be unique to each user. Some models feature the new Memory Ocular, a device that saves your individual setting. See the following section for detailed instructions.

    Waterproof and Rubber Armored...durable construction that can stand up to wet conditions and ergonomic ridges and pads for a secure, comfortable grip.

    Rubber Armoring - All STEINER binoculars come standard with rhino tough rubber armor. Not only does this protect the binoculars from shock and damage, but it is also soft and comfortable in your hands. Premium models, like this Commander C Model features STEINER’s innovative NBR Longlife Armor formula, initially developed for increased durability under extreme conditions at sea and military applications. Clean all rubber armor only with damp cloth.

         The ability to see what others don’t. That’s what Steiner brings to your side: razor-edge image clarity, optimum depth And color, superior ability to probe, plan and engage with force-multiplying stealth, surprise and impact. After 67 years of deployment and constant improvement, no optic serves your mission and your troops better.

    Rain and Dust Protection Cover

         To prevent rainwater or dirt from collecting on the oculars in adverse weather conditions most STEINER binoculars are equipped with a removable Rainguard. This model features Steiner's innovative water-repellent Neoprene Rainguard. Installing the Rainguard will also increase your binoculars’ protection when stored. The Rainguard should be installed before installing the strap to the binocular.

         Simply thread the strap through the attachments on the Rainguard and then attach the strap. The closed loop on one side will prevent loss of the part. To install the Neoprene Rainguard on the Peregrine XP, slip the cover over the ocular side of your binoculars. As you attach the carrying strap make sure that it goes through the Rainguard's loop (3) This way you can carry the strap around your neck and keep the oculars dry. Once you want to use the binoculars just open one of the Rainguard's buttons and slip the cover off the binoculars. The Rainguard is still attached to the carrying strap on the other side and will prevent you from losing it by accident.

    Focus System


    Optics Systems

    High Contrast

    Close Focus




    Exit Pupil (mm)


    Dimension (H x W x L)

    5.5 x 8.1 x 3.0

    Twilight Factor



    36.3 oz

    Field of View 356 Feet


    Objective Lens Size


    Neck Strap


    Neck Strap Attachment


    Rain Protection Cap


    Carry Case




    Ranging Distance


    Rubber Armoring

    NBR Long Life

    Nitrogen Filled


    Operating Temp Range

    -13°F to +145°F

    Objective Lens Covers



    Submersible to 33'


    Heritage Warranty*

    Dear Nature and Outdoor Enthusiast,
         Forests, plains, deserts and mountains all have their secrets. Those who are looking to unlock these secrets, for adventure or to just enjoy nature have a need to know what is out there. This is what it takes to make your hike, birding adventure or hunt an unforgettable experience. The eye is the key: We can act to only what we see.
         STEINER has been producing binoculars for over 60 years in Bayreuth, Germany. Founded by Karl Steiner in 1947, STEINER has become the largest manufacturer of binoculars in Europe. Today, STEINER is the only company in the world to specialize solely in binocular development. This focus has made STEINER binoculars synonymous with the highest standard of quality worldwide. Steiner's goal is to continue building the toughest and most weather resistant binocular available. We deliver unsurpassed brightness and clarity using space age materials and the latest in optical technology. STEINER is convinced that it is more than technical excellence and high optical performance that is required to build a truly optimal binocular for our customers. You need to know the user specific requirements as well as the unique environmental characteristics of where the binoculars will be used. Binoculars need to be customized to the situation, whether there are birds flying or animals hidden in cover, which are almost invisible to the eye, or whether glistening sunlight distorts the colors of nature.
    STEINER is passionately committed to the user’s requirements.
    They have combined six decades of experience and research and development, for professionals and amateurs alike with a deep understanding of their needs. That’s why fellow hunters, hikers, bird watchers and naturalists can be confident when having a STEINER binocular in their hands.

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    *The Steiner Heritage™ Warranty means we stand behind our products. Over half a century of experience building rugged and reliable, mil-spec product and supplying them to armed forces all around the world allows us to have this kind of confidence. We at Steiner are totally committed to the very highest standards of quality, dependability, and most of all customer satisfaction. Our Heritage™ Warranty assures you of that commitment.

    Steiner Heritage™ Warranty – For the Life of the Product

    Covers Binoculars, Riflescopes, Battle Sights, Rings, and Mounts

    Valid in U.S. and Canada only on items manufactured since 2014.

    We will repair or replace the product at no charge to you. The Steiner Heritage Warranty does not cover loss, theft, deliberate damage or cosmetic damage that does not hinder the performance of the product.

    • No warranty card needed.
    • No receipt required.
    • Warranty is fully transferable to future owners of the product.
    • Excludes electronic components which are covered by a 3-year warranty.
    • Excludes accessories.