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    EOTech MK56 Holographic Weapon Sight MK56 is a highly visible, incredibly accurate targeting optic specifically for use on large, crew-served weapons such as HUMVEE mounted machine guns and other heavy firearms. Featuring a sight window that is 2.5x larger than the standard window found on other holographic sights, the MK56 is an ideal sight for heavy squad weapons, providing superior targeting capability with the fast target acquisition and an extremely wide field of view you won't find on smaller sights. With its 1x magnification, the EOTech MK-56 Holographic Crew-Served Gun Sight offers accurate targeting out to 2000 meters, plenty of range for your high powered machine gun. EOTech has equipped the MK-56 with a detailed XR500 reticle, featuring bullet drop aiming points, a wide crosshair, and other pertinent information. These EOTech holographic sights are so effective, they are in standard use on the M2 platform used by United States SOCOM, a high distinction. Equip your high caliber, crew-operated weapon with the same precision targeting your small arms benefit from when you use the EOTech MK56 Large Window XR500 Holographic Sight.

    Specifications for EOTech MK 56 Heavy Weapons Holographic Scope:

    Magnification: 1x
    Dimensions: 5.75" x 2.9" x 4.6"
    Weight: 2.5 lbs
    Waterproof: Up to 1 meter for 10 minutes
    Finish: Black
    Mount: Military standard 1913
    Brightness Ratio: 1280-1
    Batteries: 1x 123 lithium
    Battery Life: 600 continuous hours at power 12
    Reticle: XR500

    Features of EOTech MK56 HWS Red Dot Sight:

    *Accurate Red Dot sight for crew-operated heavy weapons by EOTech
    *First holographic sight designed exclusively for crew-served weapon applications
    *Precise and detailed XR500 reticle
    *Window area is 2.5x that of standard holographic weapon sights
    *1x magnification
    *Precision targeting out to 2000 meters
    *Selected for use on the M2 platforms of USSOCOM
    *Can operate for up to 600 continuous hours on a single 123 lithium battery
    *Mounts on a military standard Picatinny 1913 rail