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    RICO ALPHA 640 50mm Thermal Weapon Sight

         The RICO ALPHA is the culmination of decades of user feedback, research, development, and American engineering all imbedded in a Thermal Weapon-Sight (TWS) that is purpose built for the discerning Nighthunter. From the Auto-loading Guarded Power Connector (AGPC) to the battery latch design, the RQD Quick Release Mount, to the ultra-rigid housing with Tactile Ridge Positioning and Single Finger Focus (SFF) design, the ALPHA was developed by hunters for absolute performance in every way. Additional performance-based features of the ALPHA include image and video capture, multiple dynamic reticles, Stadiametric rangefinder and wireless connectivity. To top all that off, the RICO ALPHA is proudly designed, machined, assembled and serviced right here in the great state of Texas.

         The RICO ALPHA features a high-performance iRay Micro II core and an extremely high contrast AMOLED HD display. The RICO ALPHA takes its image processing one step further with Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimization courtesy of the MATRIX III image algorithm. Unmatched image quality paired with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, picture-in-picture picture function, 6-hour run time, ultra rigid, glass-filled polymer housing, 1000 G shock resistance and 32 Gb of internal memory gives you all the tools you need to take your hunt to the next level.

    The ALPHA is the product we wanted. Born out of frustration and created based on years of experience from actual use in the field. Designed and assembled in Texas, and backed by iRayUSA’s industry-leading one-week repair guarantee. Want to learn more about what all the excitement is about? Give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions.