• Steiner 9017 SBAL-PL Pistol LASER Light

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    This 5mW Class IIIa Green LASER Sight from Steiner eOptics offers you a product that gives you numerous years of consistency. Steiner Optics has been devoted to supplying top end goods for countless years, and the Steiner Optics LASER Devices (Single Beam Aiming LASER) SBAL-PL Pistol LASER/Light Combo is evidence of that dedication to their consumer base. At KERIF NV, we make it our top priority to ensure that you receive the most suitable product for all of your specifications, and presenting the Steiner Optics LASER Devices SBAL-PL is a thing that we're happy to do. At KERIF Night Vision, we will make sure you leave with the best product for all of your needs, and this Pistol LASER/Light Combo is among the various products that we have been very proud to offer to our very important customers. For a good way to make sure you are using some of the most useful products out there, purchase the Steiner Optics Laser Devices SBAL-PL Pistol Laser/Light Combo.

    The SBAL-PL enables operators to engage targets on the battlefield or during close quarter combat in both light and no light conditions.

    The DBAL-PL functions in two operational modes: The visible switch activates the visible laser and 400 lumen white light LED; while the IR switch pairs a Class 1 IR laser with an eye-safe IR LED illuminator for supplemental illumination. New temperature insensitive green laser technology provides better visibility and greater stability over a wide-range of temperatures.

    Product Features: 

    • Green Aiming LASER
    • White Light LED
    • Fully Adjustable Windage / Elevation
    • Visible Mode Activation Switch
    • Integrated Adjustable Picatinny Mount
    • Powered by two CR 123A Batteries
    • Quick Release Battery Latch
    • Weight 5.4 oz.
    • Submersible to 5 m

    Wavelength - Visible Green Laser

    515 - 525 nm

    Wavelength - White Light

    <500 lumens

    Beam Divergence - Visible Red or Green Laser

    <0.8 mRads

    Range/Visibility (Night/Day)* - Visible Green Laser

    750 m/15 m


    -20° to +65° C


    CR123A (1)

    Battery Life (mode dependent)

    1.75 Hours


    Aircraft Aluminum



    Weight (with battery)

    4.6 oz




    Submersion to 5 m


    Standard Pistol or M1913 Rails

    Windage and Elevation Adjustment


    Activation Switch

    Integrated Push Button


    2 Year