• Steiner T5Xi 3-15x50

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    German-engineered So Nothing Escapes When You Pull The Trigger

    Steiner Riflescopes utilize the latest German optics technology to deliver the finest lines of gun-mounted optics in the world for global law enforcement and military personnel.

    Tactical Scope: T5Xi 3-15x50

         The ability to see what others don’t. That’s what Steiner brings to your side: razor-edge image clarity, optimum depth And color, superior ability to probe, plan and engage with force-multiplying stealth, surprise and impact. After 67 years of deployment and constant improvement, no optic serves your mission and your troops better.

    Included Accessories: Battery, Lens Cloth, Lens Cover, Sunshade, Allen Wrench, Throw Lever

    P/N: 5112 T5Xi 3-15X50mm SCR 34mm
    Tactical Rifle Scope UPC: 000381851123

    *NEW* P/N: 5114 T5Xi 3-15X50mm SCR-MOA 34mm
    Tactical Rifle Scope, UPC: 000381851147

    P/N: 5115 T5Xi 3-15X50mm H59 34mm *DISCONTINUED*
    Tactical Rifle Scope, UPC: 000381851260

      Never Lost™ Turrets - Second Rotation Indicator...a Steiner exclusive, that shows each Mil of elevation trough the indication window on the elevation turret. After the first revolution of 120 clicks, the mil numbers scale change automatically preventing the shooter from getting lost on the dial.

     The  T5Xi Series brings unmatched clarity, accuracy and self-assurance to any situation, from combat to competition. Precise German engineering, rugged U.S. construction, slick Never-Lost™ turrets, and new SCR™ Reticle gives you the victor's edge in close-quarter battle, mid and long-range shooting.

         Medium range scope with 34mm tube, illuminated etched glass, front focal plane with your choice of Special Competition Reticle (SCR™) or SCR-MOA Reticle.  Second Rotation Indicator shows each MIL of elevation through the indication window on the elevation turret.

         The T5Xi series Riflescopes are the next generation of rugged, dependable optics from Steiner. Featuring an optical system that was engineered in Germany, yet proudly designed, machined and assembled in the USA.

    The T5Xi 3-15x50 is a Medium Range Tactical Combat Scope with a 34mm tube.


    ONE PIECE OVERSIZED 34mm TUBE...Increases strength and reliability and provides greater elevation and windage adjustments for longer ranges.

    SPECIAL COMPETITION RETICLE (SCR™)...designed by Steiner for precision competition use. Located on the first focal plane, it offers an extended illumination area, 2/10-mil windage and 1/2-mil holdover lines. 1/10-mil ranging brackets allow for precise distance ranging.

    LARGE (EASY TO GRIP) WINDAGE/ELEVATION/PARALLAX/ILLUM KNOBS...for positive, non-slip adjustment of the Diopter, reticle and parallax settings.

    LOCKING DIOPTER...to prevent accidental rotation of the Diopter.

    TENEBRAEX LENS COVERS...protect the lenses from dust, scratches, and moisture.

    THROW LEVER...that allows for quick, easy magnification changes.

    CONSISTENT EYE RELIEF...and a generous eye box throughout the magnification range eliminates the need to reposition your eye when changing the magnification.

    TAPERED, ALL METAL MAGNIFICATION RING...is angled so the shooter can see his magnification setting while positioned directly behind the scope.

    ILLUMINATED RETICLE...with 4 Day & 7 Night illumination levels with “Off” positions between each setting that completely disconnects the battery at each position to prevent battery drain.

    WATERPROOF/FOGPROOF/SHOCKPROOF...durable construction you can trust to stand up to any cold or wet conditions. Waterproof to depths of 10 meters (33 Feet) and impact tested to 900 G's on all optical and electronic components.