• TICO Thermal Imaging Clip-On



    Please note that this item has yet to be released by ATN. Please DO NOT ORDER if you are not willing to wait. The credit card company will NOT return the processing fees (up to 3.5%) so you will NOT receive a full refund if you cancel.

    If you wish to place an order and pay for it when it ships, please call (702) 324-6463 and place the order by phone with no cancellation penalty.

         The ATN TICO LT Thermal Clip-On system adds a new component to your traditional glass scopes. Using the latest ATN Obsidian LT Core with 12 micron sensors for the 320x240 units and 17 micron sensors for the 160x120 units, this lightening fast processor gives you the best image quality in Black Hot or White Hot.

         This easy to use system quickly mounts or attaches to your scope in a few 2 seconds, and once this is done, there is nothing to zero. Just align the reticles, and you are ready for anything Day or Night. It’s the lightest Thermal Clip-On in its class and has an internal Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, which gives you up to 9+ hours of Day or Night use in the field.

    ·        Obsidian LT Core

    ·        Simple to Use

    ·        Ergonomic and Lightweight

    ·        Long Lasting Battery