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    The Adventure Lights Legacy Series represents those VIPIRTM lights that set the standard for multi-function LED lights since 1995. Commissioned in almost every allied mission since, these extremely bright and rugged beacons have proven their worth time after time. Designed in cooperation with the worlds most elite fighting forces, the VIP continues to meet challenges of real world applications, including IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), illumination and signaling in the harshest environments.VIP (Visual Identification Projectors) Beacons


          Adventure Lights VIP Signal Light is the pinnacle of portable emergency lighting, and has been tested in Deserts, the Arctic, in the Stratosphere, and hundreds of feet below the sea. The VIP has proven to hold up to the demands of extreme environmental conditions over unpredictable terrain. Many of the world's most elite military, police and search and rescue teams currently use the VIP and attest that it sets new standards of quality and reliability. Why not use what the pros use?

    Legacy Models to choose from: (See full descriptions below)
     02408-0 Yuma
     02608-0 Navy Special Warfare
     02608-1 Air Force
     02608-2 Government Agent
     Custom - Select Color, Intensity, Viewing Angles & Flash

    Yuma: P/N: 02408-0 3 LED's (2 IR/1 Green)
    One of the first Dual Spectrum models, this light is bright...but not overwhelming. The Yuma features a steady-on IR and green light mode, and one rapid flash IR mode. This light is preferred by many for its simplicity and effectiveness.

    Navy Special Warfare: P/N: 02608-0 5 LED's (2 IR/3 Green)
    Designed for maximum visibility in both the IR and Green modes. This Legacy model has one distinctive slow flash mode in both IR and Green, and a steady-on Green mode

    Air Force: P/N: 02608-1 5 LED's (3 IR/2 Green)
    This model closely resembles a standard strobe light in its flashing IR and Green modes. The slow beat, short flash strobe is easier on high end Night Vision Devices. This Legacy model also has a steady-on IR mode.

    Government Agent: P/N: 02608-2 5 LED's (3 IR/2 Green)
    To prevent accidental overt illumination, this model features a one way bezel that needs to go through two IR modes before switching to visible light. The visible light position also has a programmed delay so the user can dial through without activating. This Legacy model has one steady-on IR, one steady-on green mode, in addition to one programmed IR mode that incorporates a very distinctive flash pattern so it is not confused with any other ambient or IR light sources.

    VIP Black Case 5 LED's Custom Police Strobe / ERT / SAR  NSN

    02606 Red/White/Blue: #1 R/W, #2 B/W, #3 All, #4 Off  6210-20-004-3105

    02606-2 White/Blue, #1 Wh, #2 Bl, #3 All, #4 Off  5850-20-005-0243

    02607 Red/White, #1 Wh, #2 Red, #3 All, #4 Off  6210-20-004-3111

    02806 VIPIR Tactical 9 LED, 3 Blue, 3 White, 2 Red, 1 IR

    04606 High Output Red & Blue (SFP) 6210-20-004-3130

    04606-2 High Output White & Blue (SFP) 5850-20-005-0242

    04607 High Output Red & White (SFP)

    04608 High Output Yellow & White (SFP) 6210-20-004-2902

    VIP Survivor Series, High Output  SOLAS  NSN

    04000-0 Manual Control, White, Yellow Case 5850-20-005-0234

    04000-1 Manual Control, White, Black Case 5850-20-005-0236

    04100-0 Manual Control, Infrared, Black Case

    VIP Infrared/Visible (Special Flash Patterns - SFP)  NSN

    02201 VIPIR Blk 1 LED #1 On, #2 SOS, #3 Flash, #4 Off  6210-20-004-2866

    02203 VIPIR Blk 3 LED's #1 On, #2 SOS, #3 Flash, #4 Off  6210-20-004-2867

    02205 VIPIR Blk 5 LED's #1 On, #2 SOS, #3 Flash, #4 Off  6210-20-004-2868

    02408-0 Black Case 3 LEDS IR/Green  (SFP), YUMA  6210-20-002-8729

    02608-0 Dual Spectrum 5 LED's (2IR/3Green) (SFP), Navy

    02608-1 Dual Spectrum 5 LED's (3IR/2Green) Air Force

    02608-2 Dual Spectrum 5 LED's (3IR/2Green), Gov't Agent 5850-20-005-0233

    02608-3 Dual Spectrum 5 LED's (3IR/2Blue) (SFP)

    02608-7 Gen 4 5 LED's (2IR/3Green) Mockingbird 5850-20-003-8764

    02610-0 VIPIR Quantum FX (3IR/3Grn/3WH Chameleon 5850-20-003-5024

    VIP SMART BEACONS w/Auto Sync IR/Visible (SYNCHRO)  
    05608-0 Dual Spectrum 5 LED's (2IR/3Green) (SFP), SYNCHRO

    05608-2 Dual Spectrum 5 LED's (3IR/2Green), SYNCHRO

    General Instructions

    •  Twist clockwise one click for "Steady On" light, continue next click for "SOS" signal light, continue next click for "Flashing" mode or continue next click for "Off" position.

    •  To change the battery, use a quarter or other flat edge tool to unscrew cap containing the battery counter clockwise. Remove old battery and insert new battery. Tighten cap by using same tool.

    •  Replacement batteries available at most retailers. Uses one 2/3 A battery.


    •  Bicycle police illumination

    •  Marking of roadside hazards

    •  Marking of police investigation/accident zones

    •  Marking of officers during traffic control

    Crowd and Traffic Control

    •  Marking of portable barriers and blockades

    •  Marking of officers by function, unit and rank for coordination purposes (eg. Summit of the Americas, Quebec 2001)

    •  Parameter marking and Incursion control

    •  Standard and Interactive Traffic Control Systems

    •  Digital Remote Kits for Standard and Interactive Traffic Control Systems

    Officer Safety

    •  Increase of officer safety during traffic operations

    •  Marking officers to increase safety on roadside

    •  Increase in visibility on foot, bike, horseback and motorcycle


    •  Marking of parcels, containers and buildings

    •  Marking of boats, planes and cars

    •  Covert signaling

    Tactical Operations

    •  Covert marking of fellow officers during operation

    •  Covert marking of dangerous areas, dangerous zones or entry points

    •  Remote Controlled LZ/HLZ/DZ Systems

    •  Hostage rescue operations


    •  Reusable time after time

    •  A simple twist of the cap turns the light on and off 

    •  Operates in temperatures ranging from -20 C to +50 C

    •  Waterproof up to 100 meters

    •  Environmentally friendly

    Light Output

    •  Infrared Light can be seen up to 20 miles in darkness 

    •  Steady-on mode provides up to 100 hours of operational light on one battery

    •  Flashing mode provides up to 300 hours of operational light on one battery

    •  Operates in temperatures ranging from -20 C to +50 C

    •  Lifetime bulb (up to 100,000 hours)

    •  Uses an eye safe LED


    •  Height impact and scratch resistant

    •  Weighs only 3.9 oz with batteries installed

    •  Size: 1.5"  x 1.25" x 1"

    •  Multiple Adapters and Accessories

    •  Customized Flash Patterns

    •  User Programmable "Mockingbird" Beacons available in 5 visible colors and IR


    This product is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year.
    Should the product fail for any reason other than abuse or battery expiration, return it for free repair or replacement.