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    Tenebraex Flip Covers provide protection for your optic and can conveniently flip up and out of the way when it's time to shoot. These Tenebraex Flip Covers for the ELCAN SpecterOS, SpecterDR (DFOV14 & DFOV156), and TFOV139 Sights are a great way to protect your expensive lenses from dirt, debris, and scratches.

        The 2-Tab Ocular Flip Cover can be attached directly to the Eyepiece end of the DFOV14 & DFOV156 (This Flip Cover is interchangeable with either sight) without any additional parts, however in order to attach the 2-Tab Flip Cover to the Objective End, you will need either an Attachment Ring (PN: SDR-AR4-AR) or a Killflash (ARD) with a knurled (or profiled) edge (PN: ARD-SDR-B for Black or ARD-SDR-T for Tan).

        The Anti-Reflection Device or ARD, also known as a Killflash, but can be purchased separately, however KERIF Night Vision includes the ARD (except the TR139) and Flip Covers with every sight purchased. Please note, the TR139 does not have an available ARD (KillFlash) and the Flip Covers simply attach to this optic.

         If your SpecterDR or SpecterOS has the older style Anti-Reflection Device (KillFlash) with a smooth edge; you'll need to use an Adapter Ring to attach the Objective Flip Cover or upgrade to the newer ARD with a knurled edge. For those of you with the smooth edge ARD’s, because of a change in the Flip Cover design, you'll also need to ensure that your Flip-Covers have 1 single Tab...not 2. The single Tab design will work with the Adapter Rings.

         The new 2-Tab Flip-Cover design eliminates the Adapter Ring, which had a tendency to crack when over-tightened, which was very easy to do with a metal screw and plastic ring.


    In order to attach the Objective Flip Cover, you have to have either

    A) The Old Style (Smooth) ARD + Adapter Ring + 1 Tab Flip Cover

    B) The New Style (Profiled Edge) ARD + 2 tab Flip Cover

    C) An Attachment Ring + 2 Tab Flip Cover

         This Attachment Ring works in place of the ARD. If the ARD is installed, unthread & remove the ARD by turning it counter-clockwise, then install the Attachment Ring by threading it clockwise into the objective end. The Attachment Ring has a profiled edge, similar to the ARD and allows you to install a 2 Tab Flip Cover.

    The Attachment Ring Part Number for the SFOV4 and DFOV14 sights is SDR-AR4-AR.

    The Attachment Ring Part Number for the DFOV156 sight is SDR-AR6-AR

    One more time…you must have the ARD or Attachment Ring installed in order to use the 2 Tab Objective Flip Cover.

    New design (2 Tab) Ocular (Eyepiece) Flip Coves no longer require the Adapter Ring and the same Flip Cover will fit both the 1X-4X & 1.5X-6X Models.

    If you have the older style single tab Flip Cover (PN: UAC013-FCR), you will need the Adapter Ring as well.

    KillFlash ® ARDs use a high-tech honeycomb material to provide a low-cost, retro-fittable, field-practical way to hide reflections from optical surfaces.

    Optional Clear Lens and Amber Lens Flip-Cover Kits are available for all the ELCAN sights. See chart below for a full list of accessories.

    If you prefer to operate the DFOV14 & DFOV156 without the ARD, yet still want Lens protection, you can use a Bikini-Style Cover (SFOV4 & DFOV14 = OSC-SDR-B (Black) or OSC-SDR-T (Tan) / DFOV156 = OSC-SDR6-B (Black) or you can use a threaded Adapter Ring.

    Another unique option for the DFOV14, SFOV4, and DFOV156 is the creation of an Attachment Ring that threads into the objective end of the sight itself, where the ARD (KillFlash) is typically threaded. This allows you to attach the Objective Flip-Cover without the ARD attached. 

    Please note: A new ARD has been released for the 1.5X-6X Models that has a smaller (56mm or 2 3/16") diameter than the previous model. They both have profiled edges, but the type of Flip-Cover used must match (see illustration below).

    The older style Flip Cover has a single tab and can be used with the larger diameter (60mm or 2 5/16") ARD. The newest release offers two tabs on the Flip Cover and these can be used with the smaller diameter ARD's w/Profiled Edge and with the Attachment Ring SDR-AR4-AR (DFOV14 & SFOV4) or SDR-AR6-AR (DFOV156), which eliminates the ARD. See image below.


    BUIS (Back-Up Iron Sights or "Peep Sights")

    PLEASE NOTE: The information below applies to the 1X-4X ONLY (this does not apply to the 1.5X-6X).

    There used to be 2 different hole/screw sizes for the BUIS, however around 2012 ELCAN starting using all the same size and we were unaware for quite some time. People were calling in and saying that the screws they got with the 4X kit were too small.

    As a general rule, pretty much anything with the new CR2032 battery housing & a “new” serial # (ATI-31, ATI-32, ATI-55, ATI-56, ATI-45, ATI-46…etc) would all take PSK-SDR6-B for either the 4x or 6x. These are all post 2016 models.

    Anything w/the old 1/3N Battery and ATI-10, ATI-12 serial #’s use Part Number PSK-SDR4-B for the 4x. (PSK-SDR6-B for everything else).

    I only use the year 2012 as a guide line because the optics sold between 2012 & 2014 are a mix, so it’s a guessing game for those ones on which kit it takes. We know for sure models Pre 2012 still take the 2 different sizes.

    PSK-SDR4-B    (Old) Back-Up Iron Sights w/Screws (OEM Replacements)

    PSK-SDR6-B    (New) Back-Up Iron Sights w/Screws (OEM Replacements)


    The Tenebraex ARD KillFlash for the ELCAN DFOV14, SFOV4, and DFOV156 cuts down on reflection from the lens caused by the sun or other sources of ambient light. Failure to utilize the ARD or take other tactical measures to hide your lens reflection in bright daylight could reveal your position.

    ELCAN has been in the scope installation business for a number of years, and the ELCAN Anti-Reflective Device (or KillFlash) for SpecterDR & SpecterOS Optical Sights is evidence of their determination and commitment to providing today's shooter with gear that is not going to crack your wallet in the process.

    Limited stock available of the old KillFlash (Smooth Surface)

    New(left) and Old(right) models next to each other to show difference:

    Example with Product on:

    ELCAN SpecterDR Bikini Covers for 1x/4x and 1.5x/6x Models

    Product description
    Flexible rubber lens cover seals out unwanted moisture and debris.
    It comes equipped with a rubber pull tab for fast installation and removal.

    Additional information
    Manufacture: ELCAN

    If you prefer to operate the SpecterDR’s without the ARD, yet still want lens protection, you can either use the Bikini-Style Cover (P/N: OSC-SDR-[B Black or T Tan] or an Attachment Ring P/N: SDR-AR4-AR)that threads into the objective end of the sight itself, where an ARD typically goes [No ARD Attached] and allows you to attach the Objective Flip-Cover without the ARD attached. .

             CLEARANCE PRICED! The Zero Lens™ is an optical alignment adapter that enables the use of PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular in front of day sights to add nighttime engagement capability with no zero shift. This configuration is more efficient and user friendly than when the PVS-14 is mounted behind the primary sight. This passive system counters an enemy force’s ability to detect active IR laser pointers and illuminators.

         Image intensification efficiency of the PVS-14 is maintained by front mounting, and resolution of the produced image is improved as it passes through the Zero Lens™. Front mounting also allows the operator to maintain the same shooting position, muscle memory, and eye relief with his primary sight.

         The standard quick detach mounting system enables rapid installation and removal, allowing easy transition of the PVS-14 between handheld, helmet mounted, or weapon mounted use as needed during operations. Once set, the Zero Lens™ will maintain alignment between the Day Sight and the adjusted PVS-14 when it is re-installed.

         The Zero Lens™ is a rugged, non-electronic, compact device that adds capability to your existing inventory of optics at a fraction of the cost of adding new stand alone systems.